Winter is coming: Time running short to help the homeless

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  • Cathy Crowe says:

    Hello, thanks for your article. I question the 1.6 million homeless number. The research it comes from references people who had experienced homelessness, it wasn’t specific to a year. Also, in the future hoping you will reference Canadian research of health – there is lots available.

    • Sriprada Thallapalli says:

      Hi Cathy, thank you so much for your comment. The homelessness statistic has now been corrected. Yes, you are absolutely right about the Canadian research. Will be looking into more Canadian literature next time. Thank you again!


Sriprada Thallapalli


Sriprada Thallapalli is a Chemical Biology Co-op student at McMaster University, with an interest in public health research.

Syeda Javeria Hasan


Syeda Javeria Hasan, HBSc, is a University of Waterloo Biomedical Science graduate and an aspiring physician, with a special interest in health disparities.

Khadija Lakdawala


Khadija Lakdawala, HBSc, is a University of Toronto Mississauga graduate and an aspiring physician.

Akshat Pai


Akshat Pai, HBHSc, is a graduate student at University of Toronto and is passionate about the social determinants of health.

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