Defeating the pandemic requires a societal shift in thinking

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  • Nana says:

    Dr Jang can you comment on why the current daily case numbers include BOTH nasal swab PCR positive cases and serology tests which rolled out privately starting August 6th? This is written on public health Ontario websites. We all know serology tests could indicate someone may have had COVId at some point in the past 3 to 6 months but doesnt necessarily have it now. So are these new “second wave” numbers true new cases or are half of them folks who paid for a serology test just to know for fun if they have had COVID. Interestingly serology tests rolled out in France in July, and now they have a second wave….UK is slow to release these tests and they dont quite have the second wave….we release them in August and now suddenly have a “second wave” with record numbers. Hospital admissions from COVID are not really up but we are being blasted in the media like WW3 is coming, the economy is collapsing, mental health cases are skyrocketing. So where is the transperancy? How many of these 900 COVID cases are true currentlt ill people and how many are serology positives who may have zero signs of current illness??

  • John Van Aerde says:

    According to David Snowden and his CYNEFIN frame work on decision-making for leaders in simple, complicated, complex and chaotic systems, we need to be as skilled in the complex and chaotic conditions (like we are in now) as in complicated and simple system (where we like to be as experts). A very short, 2 page overview in https://physicianleaders.ca/bulletin2.html

  • Dolores McKeen says:

    Douglas.. MIKE DROP!
    This is exactly the approach that is needed. thanks for articulating in a clear understandable message.


Douglas Jang


Douglas Jang is a practicing emergency and family physician in suburban Toronto.

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