Shut out of clinical trials, community hospitals miss out on ‘cutting-edge therapy’

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  • Kevin Willison, PhD says:

    Thank you for your on-going work and for sharing Dr. Varner. Much appreciated. My own thoughts related to this broad topic: getting research launched while ensuring it is safe can be a challenge particularly as there are significant public pressures to acquire (for example) a COVID-19 vaccine. Calls for an expedited / stream-lined research ethics protocol for example must be approached with extreme caution. Learning from each other, pooling ideas from health and social care professionals within and outside of urban areas would certainly enhance problem solving and help garner available evidence of how best to more forward. To this end, an improved integrated health care system is needed.

  • Jean Marc Benoit says:

    Hi Dr Varner!
    Jean Marc Benoit from Brantford ER here. Our hospital has a critical care research liaison, but even so, a challenge to insert research protocols into community setting. Good for you for raising awareness of the role of the community hospital!

  • Lisa Harper says:

    Thank you for raising this issue. Markham Stouffville Hospital has been growing its research program over the past few years. When COVID-19 came we dug in and added 9 COVID-19 studies to our already growing list of trials. We believe we have a responsibility to our patients, families and the global community to add to the growing knowledge of COVID-19. Infrastructure and funding will likely be an ongoing concern for community organizations doing research and will require creative partnerships to sustain.

  • Hina Marsonia says:

    More than ever, we need to address the need for research infrastructure and funding in community hospitals. Thank you for raising this important issue that we face in our clinical setting as we try to provide patient care and the need for leaders to address this disparity.

  • Umesh Prasad Bhattarai says:

    Thanks for raising this important issue in our clinical settings. Although we always talk about patient-centered care, most of the services we deliver are centralized in urban cities only. Our health care leaders should identify and address this issue immediately to make our health systems better.


Catherine Varner

Deputy Editor

Catherine Varner is a Toronto emergency physician, clinician scientist and freelance journalist. She is on the deputy editorial team at Healthy Debate.

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