Autism case highlights urgent need to reform Ontario’s regulatory colleges

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  • Dr. Rob Murray says:

    References on professional self-regulation in Canada:
    1.) Professional Self-Regulation and the Public Interest in Canada, CanLyme.org, 2017-01-17:
    https://canlyme.com/2018/04/13/professional-self-regulation-and-the-public-int erest-in-canada/

    2.) The ‘radical paradigm shift’ that’s changing Ontario’s oversight system for health professionals. The Star 2018-03-25

  • Dr. Rob Murray says:

    In Canada Royal Colleges use a set of out-of-date Lyme disease guidelines as mandates which Canadian courts have ruled they are not. Clinical practice guidelines exist to assist physicians and serve patients and not unduly restrict clinical judgment. They are recommendations and clinical tools that should support, not subvert clinical judgment. They must be patient-centred, as patients are the end users; they are not mandates to be used by Royal Colleges to punish those that don’t conform.

    The Lyme disease disaster for Canadians is an excellent example of how the ‘self-regulating’ medical colleges and medical associations have woven themselves into the publicly funded health care system positioning themselves as the only experts. Who decided that the IDSA/ AMMI Canada are the sole arbiters of what constitutes evidence? Most of the evidence in Lyme is based on the opinion of these medical experts. They do not evaluate the science that contradicts dogma. The IDSA / AMMI Canada conveniently ignores the evidence that chronic Lyme disease exists and don’t treat it, so how could they be experts?

    It’s time medicine got back to its scientific roots and away from the influence of the pharmaceutical and insurance industry.
    Politicians should step up to the plate and act but they seem to prefer to be seen as good team members.


Anne Borden King

Deputy editor

Anne Borden King is a print journalist and the host of Noncompliant: A Neurodiversity Podcast

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