‘That’s nuts, right?’ Burnout rates raise concerns among ER doctors

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  • Debbie Phillips says:

    I think the real reason why the study showed that burnout did not escalate early in the pandemic for ED docs was precisely because of early systemic changes that resulted from preparations for a Covid deluge. After 20 years of trying to work on bed block in our department we suddenly had patient flow, free ward beds, and less stress in the department.
    If after the pandemic we can remember that phenomenon and if there is enough collective will, we can find creative solutions to improve the interminable bed block situation. Hopefully it won’t take a wrecking ball as big as COVID19.

  • Eliza chan says:

    Great article. It is extremely important to think about this issue as it affects us as as individuals. The burnout affects our families as well as impact our abilities to be caring physicians.

    More wellness initiatives has to come from the organization. Individual resiliency is important but it needs systemic change from the organization to address this issue.

    Thank you.

  • Matthew Kwok says:

    Excellent article in bringing to attention the important issue of emergency physicians burnout. Thank you!


Ben Huang


Ben Huang is an emergency medicine resident physician in Vancouver and a current fellow in the Dalla Lana Global Journalism program.

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