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There is a fifth horseman of the Apocalypse – and it is us

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  • Isaac Bell says:

    Yes while man is at the centre of his own destruction, God become man in Christ and redeemed man from the inside out. Read Revelations 22 to find the end of the story…

  • john Shrewsbury says:

    Mankind and it’s aggressive ignorance towards everything is the root of all that is wrong with this planet. Those who consider that death must be beaten at all cost in order to justify their own “Position” in the greed imposed pecking order.

  • Nalini Dial says:

    Wow. Very revealing. Yes I believe that mam will be their own destruction.

  • Deb Marshall says:

    There is no book in the New Testament called Revelations. There is only Revelation. The four horsemen are as follows: Revelation 6:1-8 gives you detail and is a good read on understand what is happening. I would recommend reading about the seven seals.
    The horsemen riding the white horse will is the conqueror.
    The Red horse will carry war.
    The black horse will carry famine.
    Upon the pale horse will ride Death and Hades follows.

  • MICHELLE Cecilia the Key says:

    The Gov is got bazaar ppl attracted in it ?

  • S. Bryant says:

    The correct name is The Book of Revelation with no “s.”

  • says:

    I want to know how forensic experts win cases. So amusing.

  • Alun says:

    Agree wholeheartedly, although I would submit that humans are all four horses of the apocalypse

  • David Zakus says:

    Great summary and metaphorical article!!! But, I feel it let’s us off a bit too easy.


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