There is a fifth horseman of the Apocalypse – and it is us

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  • D. ADAMS says:

    My second comment was to Tatiana.

  • D. ADAMS says:

    Yes indeed. The beginning of wisdom is the fear (reference) of the Lord. The Bible has the answers. When we are in the Lord, we need not fear. He is our strength and our rock. We are secure in the Lord.

  • D. ADAMS says:

    What this guy is saying is that we need population control. Not buying his Marxist socialistic mumbo jumbo.We don’t need narrow-minded godless intellectuals telling us we have to kill off the majority of the planet so we can survive the next 1000 years. Even more, they want us to give up our life style for the rest of the world. Of course the rich and elite won’t. They will continue to live the high life No thank you. This type of thinking is not the solution. It is the problem!

  • Barbara says:

    Indeed, reading the book of John would be good, but, please, stay out of the babylonian buildings called churches. I was in for about 15 yrs, since I was born again…left disillusioned at the lack of concern for sin and being set apart etc. etc…
    YHWH lead me to stay out! Hired hands leading, light forced to fellowship with dark.
    Just read your Bible and ask Yahweh to help you see and lead you in these exceedingly difficult last days of this age, before Yahshua (jesus) returns to resurrect His people and begin His rule and reign.
    Much, much deceit out there!
    Be careful! People are exceedingly mislead and deceived inside the churches (501c3 businesses), and outside.

  • Henry says:

    Horsemen 1-4 are us, what does the 5th really add? The conclusion here is pure wank.

  • Damon Cox says:

    Very interesting.Enjoyed the article and subject matter. I just found this on an odd whim…..

  • ?e?d?d?i says:

    It’s amazing here watching humans figuring each other out between right and wrong..love and death ..biblical judgments about why were here and who’s in charge ..children out there are the key to good..truth is to me..we will always and forever act like them…we need better guidance or we never deserved to be here period..I am th.e I am

  • Elaine Field says:

    You are using the book of Revelation incorrectly. There is only ONE REVELATION OF GOD IN THE BIBLE. No “s” on the end, very incorrect.

  • Tatiana says:

    I was only googling because my young autistic son have been dreaming about three men in coats on scary horses. I was only googling it as i have had the same dream recurring since a child and it is scary and very real. I wanted a dream reading off google but maybe i should try and find a bible.

    • David Morrison says:

      I would encourage you to find a Bible and firstly read the Gospel of John (the 4th book in the New Testament). The Bible clearly talks about 4 horsemen at the end of the ages bringing judgment on those refusing to receive Jesus Christ as saviour. I would also encourage you to find a lively Christian Church and speak to some of the people who attend. They will be able to help you in your search for truth.

      • James says:

        She or he is well aware that those four are from the Bible. If you know anything about the Four Horsemen. What happens during Famine? We will fight for food. What happens with War and Conquest? Brother fighting brother. If you choose to identify Conquest as Pestilence, then the same thing we would kill for the cure. Death comes for all but you can bet someone would dare try to sacrifice someone else to live a minute longer. It is our nature as human beings. We are born sinners as we have free will and have been that way since creation of you read or follow the Bible. The author isn’t bashing the Bible or your faith. They are saying that because we sin and do what we want to, we might as well be the fifth horseman.

  • Arhur says:

    I nominate development as the fifth horseman. It destroys the natural world and allows humankind to further it’s unbalanced growth.

  • seamus daly says:

    fascinating but somewhat depressing !!

  • S.maitland says:

    In agreement

  • Curt Grant says:

    Awesome article, reading it bring the reality we are facing. An article for the now and the future.

  • Jessica Lawson says:

    Brilliant article. Love it and so true

  • Duncan waldie says:

    All the resources maintaining mankind are under considerable threat. If we are to survive past the year 2100 there needs to be a dramatic gross decrease in the human population of at least 4 million (4 000 000) before then.

  • Isaac Bell says:

    Yes while man is at the centre of his own destruction, God become man in Christ and redeemed man from the inside out. Read Revelations 22 to find the end of the story…

  • john Shrewsbury says:

    Mankind and it’s aggressive ignorance towards everything is the root of all that is wrong with this planet. Those who consider that death must be beaten at all cost in order to justify their own “Position” in the greed imposed pecking order.

  • Nalini Dial says:

    Wow. Very revealing. Yes I believe that mam will be their own destruction.

    • Chrissie. says:

      Sadly I agree with you. Man’s destruction is his own making. There is always hope ! Thanks to Pandora’s box.

  • Deb Marshall says:

    There is no book in the New Testament called Revelations. There is only Revelation. The four horsemen are as follows: Revelation 6:1-8 gives you detail and is a good read on understand what is happening. I would recommend reading about the seven seals.
    The horsemen riding the white horse will is the conqueror.
    The Red horse will carry war.
    The black horse will carry famine.
    Upon the pale horse will ride Death and Hades follows.

  • MICHELLE Cecilia the Key says:

    The Gov is got bazaar ppl attracted in it ?

  • S. Bryant says:

    The correct name is The Book of Revelation with no “s.”

  • betcclic.com says:

    I want to know how forensic experts win cases. So amusing.

  • Alun says:

    Agree wholeheartedly, although I would submit that humans are all four horses of the apocalypse

  • David Zakus says:

    Great summary and metaphorical article!!! But, I feel it let’s us off a bit too easy.

    • Stacy says:

      I agree David, you have people here just worried over someone putting an “S” accidentally on the book of Revelation.
      I hope the poor soul doesn’t burn in the grammatical hell of the internet. I think God will forgive her as it pales in the scope of this article.


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