How seniors can celebrate the holidays safely

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  • Common Sense says:

    What a world! 98% survival rate. 80-90% of deaths in long term care homes (where the media hysteria caused staff to walk off the job and to isolate the seniors in rooms i.e no communal activities / meals; where most likely > 50% of deaths actually occurred because there were not enough staff to deliver meds / provide food + water (some senior’s need hands on assist to actually feed). Just think, how many seniors may have actually died from starvation and dehydration from lack of staff assisting them during the COVID hysteria? In our hospital we were being told to NOT ENTER rooms of patients who are under observation for COVID, doctors did consults via cell phone, no hands on assessment, no auscultation. It’s complete madness. Now you are telling community dwelling seniors to hide in their homes. Do you know how many mental health issues in seniors this has caused? the effects of low mobility like heart disease? For some this may be their last Christmas and you are telling them to stay home??? For a disease with 98% survival and deaths in long term care homes primarily? If you are a doctor who advocates this nonsense please shred your certificate.


Marcel Gemme


Marcel Gemme focuses on helping individuals find long-term Senior Care through journalism, community outreach and his website.

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