Give the gift of life this holiday season – 5 reasons to stay home

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  • Sharon Parker says:

    Thank you. Very clear & informative. Stay safe and well.

  • Peter Rosenbaum says:

    Beautifully expressed, with clarity and brevity. Thank you, and stay well.

  • OMB says:

    This is a very clear and understandable explanation. In the end, people who are selfish and do not care about others will ignore this good advice and sadly many others will pay for their selfishness. I’m sick of hearing from some that say Covid isn’t serious, that the governments and health departments are lying about the numbers and that just because you get covid doesn’t mean you’ll die or be seriously ill or that their rights are being trampled on. The economy can not be healthy if the population isn’t healthy.

  • Sonia Sultana says:

    Thank you for the valuable tips you are sharing. Such a great content! Every time I learn something new! Keep up the great work !


Brooks Fallis


Dr. Brooks Fallis is a critical care physician and the Medical Director and Division Head of Critical Care for William Osler Health System. He is co-editor of COVID Critical Care, a website developed to help guide hospital and clinical management of COVID-19.

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