The crisis of privatized care in Ontario

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  • X says:

    Here’s a link to the study she cited:

    Here’s a quote from the study’s conclusion:

    “We have shown that the risk of an outbreak of COVID-19 at an LTC home was related to the COVID-19 incidence rate in the public health unit region surrounding the home, its total number of beds and older design standards, rather than for-profit status.”

    And if you look up the author on Facebook, she’s either a Marxist or a Communist; Marx quote and portrait in her banner picture and has written other pieces promoting Social Justice causes, including urging people to sign a petition to have the FMTA enact legislation to stop payment of rent last April.

    Soooooo, that’s a pretty significant bias.

  • X says:

    Wait a minute; the public sector runs less than 20% of LTC homes in Ontario, but account for a number of deaths half that of privately run LTCHs?
    Doesn’t that mean around 33% of deaths happened in 16% of LTCHs?
    Isn’t that wildly disproportional?

  • A says:

    Either that or the data just isn’t that compelling, like when she mentioned the comparison of for-profits. Which was compared to non-profit (which are still private) NOT public

  • A says:

    It’s not comprehensive lol, if you look at the studies she cites they’re not exactly detailed or contain explanations as to why certain differences exist. Mostly more socialist “profit is bad mentality”

  • Mike Fraumeni says:

    Are physicians who incorporate their practice usually for tax advantage purposes actually part of the privatized care in Ontario? Is this part of the crisis?


  • Karen Henderson says:

    One of the best, most comprehensive articles I have read on the unacceptable privatization of long term care in Canada, particularly Ontario. Thank you Madeleine.


Madeleine Ritts


Madeleine Ritts (MSW RSW) is a practice-based researcher and team lead of a community mental health and addictions team at a hospital in downtown Toronto.

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