‘A leaking pipeline.’ Addressing gender inequities in medical leadership

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  • SI says:

    Hi Nathasha! Enjoyed your article. Could you provide the survey link to paragraph 11 regarding “gender plays an important role in determining future career opportunities”. Interesting in checking this out but i think the link is broken, Thanks :)

    • Nathasha Dias says:

      Thank you for your comment. Unfortunately, it appears that the article you referred to is no longer accessible online. However, the original reference is as follows, if you are interested: Hughes, E. In Medicine, Gender Still Matters Survey Finds. The Medical Post. (2017)


Nathasha Dias


Nathasha Dias is a second-year Family Medicine Resident at the University of Toronto and an alumna of the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, where she received a B.Ed. She is passionate about gender equity in medicine, medical education and mentorship.

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