A pledge for health care workers on World Health Day

I, as a physician (nurse/other health professional category), solemnly pledge to work to protect the health of people, their communities, and the planet.

I pledge to maintain the utmost respect for human life and the diversity of life on Earth, and for the natural systems which support all life

I pledge to advocate for equity and justice by actively addressing environmental, social and structural determinants of health, envisioning a transition to a society that places the wellbeing of all persons, in balance with nature, at its heart.

I pledge to address the climate and ecological crisis in my actions at home, in my community, and in my profession, to protect the planet and all of its life forms for current and future generations.


Adapted from the Pledge in the Lancet (2020), by Doctors for Planetary Health – West Coast

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  • Vivian Rambihar says:

    This pledge on World Health Day 2022 helps us to rethink and refocus our actions, individually and as healthcare workers for the health of humanity and for our planet.

    The challenges are complex, dynamic and interdependent, and a complexity thinking may help us better achieve the goals and actions of this Pledge.

    Healthcare workers could explore complexity thinking to help address these complex issues, and to achieve change, as described in a related post re the role healthcare workers play in “Our Planet Our Health.”

    The References are repeated here since relevant to this Pledge and includes ‘Teaching Health Professionals Complexity”, with World Health Day 2022, an opportunity to advocate further for this.

    With this, we can envisage medicine and health as the art and science of caring for humanity and the planet, and healthcare workers pivotal.


    Vivian S Rambihar, MD Toronto

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