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Our duty to serve

Our duty to serve

’Twas one week into COVID and all through the nation

Canadians went crazy in their homebound staycation

Social distancing was the norm with friends and strangers

Those who had travelled were a particular danger.

Families returned from their planned trips abroad

To find a society that was particularly odd

No toilet paper could be found, purchased, or used

Leaving many Canadians profoundly screwed.

For in a time of crisis, it is important to know

That you can wipe your bum whenever you go

This was the mentality taken by many

Who flocked to the stores to buy Charmin a-plenty.

“Wash your hands” they said, “and don’t touch your faces!”

Under no circumstances should you enter public places

All parties must stop, no gatherings allowed

For COVID can travel rather quickly though a crowd.

No test kits available, no ventilators to spare

Streets, parking lots, and even Churches are bare

Businesses are closing and laying off employees

Putting many Canadians in a tight financial squeeze.

Updates from Trudeau become the highlight of the day

Leading Canadians through the tumult and fray

Each day brings new restrictions, updates, and rules

There seems to be no hope of returning to schools.

Stock markets have crashed, and economies tanked

Affecting even those who were previously top ranked

Even the oil industry has come into hard times

Causing all Northerners to pinch their dimes.

And through it all, President Trump has proclaimed

All the ‘fake news’ for which he is famed

Thankfully we decided to shut down the boarders

I’m hoping that everyone will follow these orders.

These are challenging times with no known end

For it all depends on the COVID spread and trend

The uncertainty is stressful for everyone involved

We all just pray for this problem to be solved.

But even though we must stay away from one another

I truly believe we’re all here for each other

Through the highs and lows we’ve rallied as a community

Showing that our greatest strength lies in unity.

Neighbours have filled prescriptions and delivered many groceries

Especially for those who have travelled overseas

Self-isolation is the key to flattening the curve

We must stay at home — it’s our duty to serve.


Bumps in the road

These bumps along the road

These trials life has showed

They’ve made me who I am

They were all part of the plan.

But at times it’s hard to see

Beyond the triviality

To know what’s “good for you”

And set intentions that are true.

To know one’s inner self

Is to have the greatest wealth

That anyone could hold

Before they have grown old.

But to live wholeheartedly

Requires us to see

Deep within our soul

And make diamonds out of coal.

For each bump along the road

For each trial life has showed

Is an opportunity to see

What’s truly you

What’s truly me.

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Hannah Baillie

Dalhousie University – Master’s Student
Halifax, Nova Scotia

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