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Sick Days, everything is fine, quarantined fear

Sick Days

Sick days mean resting
from overwhelming moments
lingering, painful times.

Everything Is Fine

Everything is fine,
you claim with tired eyes, baggy
underneath with full
exhaustion, with keeping up
with the world still collapsing.

Everything is great,
you say when fire burns inside,
knowing you’re saying
lies but they deny the truth,
harder than ever before.

Everything is cool,
you murmur when they ask you
why you look so worn
and torn, like you fell apart
with nothing left to fix you.

Everything is gone,
you cry after all goes wrong
despite trying to
maintain your status quo, look
like you have it together.

Quarantined Fear

Show me every way to stay hidden to live,
every passageway, door, secure locks and keys
to seclude myself from the dangerous world
until it’s over.

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