In Their Own Words

Surprise COVID baby

COVID came to us in 2020

2 years later in isolation

A whole lot of love and a baby!

Turing 25 with a 2-month-old

Not many visitors and outside is getting cold

COVID stopped so many interactions

All the rules and so many policies and sanctions

I hope for a brighter future and happier days

I want my baby to remember to good old days

COVID completely changed my life and the rest of the world. Everything was on hold

I want to get back to my normal with this “surprise covid baby”!

I miss people and gatherings, parties and socials. I am excited to get back into it and show off my mini me.

In 10 years, I will make sure to remind her what COVID was and how life was. I am forever grateful to the frontline workers who saved my life when I did get COVID in 2020. COVID impacted me mentally and now I try to live life to the fullest. Overall, I won’t regret anything and am just grateful for life and family.

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