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The tide shall rise again

the tide shall rise again

we rode the tide till it left nothing but our bodies sprawled against grains of silt
cherished the momentary breeze that would come along in an attempt to take us further we didn’t know what was to come next
we swam under the shallows and never let a breathe out
waited in anticipation
but more so waited in the peace of being left out of control
we swam as much as we wanted for as long as we wanted
there was no time limit in this moment, but we knew there would be
till then, we counted how long we could hold our breath
one, two, three… seventy thousand, seventy thousand and one
we overstayed our welcome
time caught up to us faster than we could plunge out the shallows
tides began to rise
and we were left underneath trying to feel the sand in our palms once more
how lovely was it to be forced to face simplicity
life coming to a sleeted halt
but how scary is it to be pushed into the tides after being so used to sleeping on the shore

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