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Unsafe, hopeless, scared and angry

I had experienced mixed emotions during the pandemic, when everything was shut down and there was nowhere to go. I had the feeling that someone was controlling since they would not allow me escape from the situation I was stuck in. This enormous crisis caused a lot of anxiety, uncertainty, and fear. I didn’t know what to do. I was scared about what is going to happen to me next? Was I going to survive? All of my goals were shattered by this pandemic. My goal was to be more active, perhaps by taking a sport. However, none of those actually happened.

I was in grade 5 when the pandemic initially began, and we were all at school. In the middle of fifth grade, I spent about a month in India. We left my dad behind due to his job while me, my mother and sister traveled. My dad regularly kept us informed about what was happening in Canada. One day he called us and told us the country had been hit by a virus. The virus eventually reached India. Everyone was placed under a lockdown, preventing us from doing anything—not even stepping outside to see one another. If we had to leave, to the grocery store, police officers would stand nearby. This made me feel like I was in a different world, where there was no one left. We were to be in India for a month, but because of the lockdown, there were no plane tickets. We had to extend our trip for an extra month, and due to that I got to celebrate my 11th birthday in India for the first time too!

Another thing that happened during covid was when we all went online . Going online was one of the hardest things in my life . All I had to do was sit there and stare at my screen. Gym was hard to do because my gym teachers would tell me to exercise on the spot I am on . Instead if we were at school and we had the big open space I could have done it more easily. Handing in my assignments online was not the easiest thing either . I had many issues with my computer. Sometimes it wouldn’t start on me or I had problems joining with the link the teachers provided me . If I had a choice I would never choose online again , I think school is much better where I can physically see my friends and my teachers.

In conclusion , during the covid time I felt unsafe, hopeless, scared , fear , and anger. After getting covid in December 2020, I would never like covid or any type of pandemic to come in the future, and if anything does come I don’t want it to be that severe that’s it going to kill everyone and send everyone online or put everyone under lockdown.

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Aikam Kanwar

Ted Harrison, Grade 8,
Calgary, Alberta

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