Adamo Anthony Donovan


Adamo is a McGill PhD student in Experimental Medicine with a research focus on the diaphragm muscle in respiratory disease and is passionate about humanizing medicine and city design, as well as running and cycling.

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by Adamo Anthony Donovan James Andrew Dixon Stephanie M. Hwang Robert Mackalski

Breast-milk donor models are flawed: A path forward to meet demand

The three main institutions vying for breast-milk donations have demonstrated an unwillingness to collaborate with one another. As demand for donor milk increases, the downstream effects are going to be felt most by parents and their infants.

by Adamo Anthony Donovan Merit Sadek Michelle Lim Priscilla Matthews

Medical impostors: Redesigning IDs a matter of security, efficiency and patient care

While medical impersonation is relatively rare, it has significant consequences. Revamping ID badges would help eliminate the issue.

by Cynthia Rosa Ventrella Danielle Rebecca Fox Fadi Touma Adamo Anthony Donovan

On Bill 96 and Quebec health-care

The pandemic has exposed systemic flaws in our health-care system that require fundamental changes. Although the intention behind Bill 96 is to promote and preserve the French language in Quebec, it will instead setback a fragile system and exacerbate pre-existing health inequities.

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