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Angela (Hong Tian) Dong is an Internal Medicine resident at the University of Toronto. She sits on the CMA Ethics Committee, PARO Leadership Program, and has completed a diploma in Global Health Education Initiative (GHEI) at the University of Toronto. Angela has a passion for bridging medicine with policy and innovation. She has led multiple health advocacy Days of Action with the CFMS, founded the MP-MD Apprenticeship to teach medical students hands-on health policy, and is an active member in the healthcare-AI and the synthetic biology communities.

X: @AngelaHDong and Medium: @angela.h.dong

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by Angela Dong

Artificially Wise: Can AI truly make smart clinical decisions?

Much ink has been spilled on the self-learning capabilities of AI. Not much has yet been said on physicians’ learning gap on AI in health care.

by Angela Dong

The Big Data minefield as AI shapes the future of health care

Ongoing clinical feedback from everyday use of AI models forms the basis for AI’s self-learning and continuous improvement. Physicians will have to realize the agency – and the responsibility – they hold in interacting with this feedback loop.

by Angela Dong

Legally Blind

AI can be an incredibly useful tool for physicians. But while the myriad benefits are dizzying, there are few infrastructural supports at present to guide physicians through uncharted territory.

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