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Ngozi Iroanyah is a fourth year PhD student at York University in Health Policy and Equity studies. She is also the caregiver of a lovely father who is experiencing the Dementia Journey.

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by Ngozi Iroanyah Madi Cyr

Navigating systemic racism in Canadian healthcare

Toronto Board of Health recently voted to recognize anti-Black racism as a public health crisis, calling for policy support of Toronto’s racialized communities. This piece explores how what needs to be addressed is the ongoing climate of prejudice in Canada.

by Ngozi Iroanyah Zeeshan Ansari Vanda McNiven

Why business hours are bad for hospitals

by Stephanie Zhou Joshua Tepper Ngozi Iroanyah

Financial Abuse: An Early Sign of Domestic Violence

by Sabah Khan Ngozi Iroanyah Chika Oriuwa

Do patients with mental illness receive sub-standard care in hospital?

by Dafna Izenberg Francine Buchanan Ngozi Iroanyah

How public funding has changed IVF in Ontario

by Dafna Izenberg Ryan Hinds Ngozi Iroanyah

Should hospital staff be allowed to use their phones for personal reasons?

by Dafna Izenberg Ngozi Iroanyah Serena Thompson

Uninsured patients in Ontario: People get sicker, the system pays more

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