Robin Blades


Robin Blades is a Fulbright Scholar and clinical research coordinator in psychiatry at a California University. She is currently a fellow in the Dalla Lana Global Journalism program.

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by Robin Blades

Beating the Pandemic Waiting Game

Many economists and psychologists study how to shorten perceived wait time. The end of the pandemic may come quicker if we use mental shortcuts to perceive time as moving faster.

by Robin Blades

The next wave of COVID-19 vaccines: In through the nose

Currently, COVID-19 vaccines are injected into the muscles but many immunologists think a nasal vaccine may also be needed to end the pandemic.

by Robin Blades

The endless ‘existential crisis’: Finding meaning in the midst of COVID boredom

Boredom can motivate us to find meaning in our lives, – even when we're stuck inside. The key is to find ways to satisfy that desire while adhering to public health guidelines.

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