‘Feeling dead inside.’ Healthcare workers battling COVID-19 are suffering from dissociation

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  • Mike Fraumeni says:

    I can only imagine some of the stress that healthcare workers face during this pandemic. Interestingly there are often claims that cognitive behavioural therapy and other psychosocial interventions have solid high-level evidence in the therapeutic management of dissociation but at this Cochrane review has noted, this is not the case at this time and more research is needed. Just wanted to point this out since I myself have a diagnosis of so-called Conversion Disorder for my movement and neuropsychiatric symptoms presumably from life stresses I suppose, don’t know to tell you the truth. Hopefully though all healthcare workers will receive whatever support works for them to get them through this pandemic, society needs them more than ever right now.

    “Psychosocial interventions for conversion and dissociative disorders in adults”

    “The results of the meta‐analysis and reporting of single studies suggest that there is lack of evidence regarding the effects of any psychosocial intervention of conversion and dissociative disorders in adults. Therefore, it is not possible to draw any conclusions about potential benefits or harms from the included studies.
    However, the review shows that research in this area is possible.”


Joanna Cheek


Joanna Cheek, M.D., is a Victoria psychiatrist, clinical associate professor at the University of British Columbia Faculty of Medicine, and freelance journalist.  She is the author of her upcoming book, This Being Human: A Mental Health Survival Guide for the End of the World.

Robin Blades


Robin Blades is a Fulbright Scholar and clinical research coordinator in psychiatry at a California University. She is currently a fellow in the Dalla Lana Global Journalism program.

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