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Winnie Tsang is a mother, wife, daughter, and a caregiver in many capacities of her life. As a missions-focused entrepreneur, she works with families and organizations to elevate the practice of positive caring between older adults and their carers. 

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by Winnie Tsang

Togethering – An array of flexible housing options

The latest in the Togethering series looks at the spectrum of common housing options available to seniors and provides a roadmap for conversations with the elders in your life.

by Winnie Tsang

Togethering – Exploring housing options and the concepts of care

Togethering is unique for each family. It can take many different forms in where we live, how we support each other and how we transition together as an intergenerational “circle of care.” This introduction to the "Togethering" series explores some housing options built around concepts of care.

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