Posted: May 3, 2023

How should we handle our health-care crisis?

We can agree that something needs to be done to ensure patients have better access to health care. But what kinds of solutions should be up for discussion? Do we let private companies take on some of the burden? Or should we steer clear of for-profit options? Two health-care experts share their differing views on Ontario's path forward.

by Doug McGregor

Ontario's health-care system is speeding toward privatization. But what the system needs is bold leadership and direct action, not more for-profit interventions.

by Kirk Corkery

There are multiple solutions to today’s challenges; more family physicians is not the only approach we should consider. We should not remain handcuffed by history.

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  • Linda Latcham says:

    A new healthcare system must include new education system for all medical practitioners, which includes up to date science on nutritional healing, homeopathic healing, herbal healing and other alternatives that have been used for hundreds of years and have been scientifically proven to meet or exceed pharmaceutical drugs with no side effects. This will save billions of dollars spent on pharmaceutical drugs that often do harm and do not cure disease.
    We then need to insure that “guess medicine” does not play a part in treating patients any longer. Proper diagnostic processes must be carried out before making a diagnosis. There must be more money allocated to diagnostics. Included in the diagnostics should be regular blood tests for vitamin and mineral assessments, particularly in the older patients when their systems become depleted in many biological components. We know a great deal about how the body ages now, scientifically, however, current medical industry is not keeping up with the science.
    All medical practitioners must attend a medical update course every year to become aware of the science that has been done to change how they work with patients and what solutions they can offer.
    Doctors must take less patients and there must be more time dedicated to proper diagnostic and collaborative care with patients. This is currently assembly line medicine, which is both degrading to the patients paying for this care and completely unacceptable and negligent in delivery.
    There must be a consumer group involved in every aspect of the medical system that holds the same weight as the “professional” groups at the healthcare industry table to insure that the science leads first, rather than the protection of income for the overpaid heads of these systems and medical practitioners.
    The pharmaceutical companies, alone are a good reason why billions of dollars go in the garbage from consumers getting sicker not well and developing debilitating side effects, particularly in older years, when all the healthcare they paid for via taxes, should provide them with good care and scientifically accurate treatments for cures.
    We can use the billions saved by not recommending debilitating drug treatments that do harm, and use that money for more detailed diagnostic tests and then start prescribing the scientifically proven alternative medicines available for much lower costs and considerably higher positive outcomes for relief or cures.
    The education systems of these medical practitioners must keep up with alternative medicines that have proven scientific effects, and update practitioners annually.
    Medical practitioners must be available to patients by phone consultations, unless a visual appointment is needed. Asking very sick people to come to the doctor is barbaric.
    There must also be a reporting system for patients that goes directly to the higher ups in hospitals and the Colleges of Physicians and Surgeons, so changes that need to be made are done. Taxpayers should not be paying 6 or 7 figure salaries to heads of departments of intuitions that will not discuss experienced concerns fro the very people that are paying their inflated salaries. These leaders performance should also be evaluated based on their effective engagement with the taxpayers.
    An independent consumer board should rate the performance of our healthcare system, in detail, every year to effect immediate changes where needed.

    The new healthcare system m