Posted: Apr 1, 2021

Alternative, complimentary and integrative medicine

We recently published "An Open Letter to Alternative Medicine," which received quite a bit of attention and drew a response from a patient advocate living with rheumatoid arthritis. This is a topic we've covered broadly before on Healthy Debate. Here, you'll find a timeline that includes the open letter, response to it and some other pieces we've published on complimentary, alternative and integrative medicine in years passed.

by Ken Jaques

Dear critics of integrative medicine, some of your critiques do have merit. But we do not support demonizing an evolving field of health care that could significantly improve patient outcomes.

by Timothy Caulfield

Please, Alternative Medicine, stop using untrue assertions to justify your existence. You can’t fix the problems of the conventional system with unproven therapies and misinformation.

by Anne Borden King

The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario doesn't go far enough in updates it is making to its policy about doctors' use of alternative medicine.

by Wendy Glauser Maureen Taylor Jeremy Petch
by Karen Born Greta Cummings Terrence Sullivan
by Karen Born Andreas Laupacis

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