Posted: Mar 8, 2022

Women’s Health

International Women's Day is both a celebration of how far we've come and a reminder of how far we have to go when it comes to women's health. Displayed here are a few pieces from the archives that highlight issues women face today regarding their health.

by Janice Du Mont Joseph Friedman Burley Sheila Macdonald

There is an epidemic that is often overlooked that has gotten worse during COVID-19 – the abuse and neglect of older adults, particularly older women.

by Anne Borden King

Columnist Anne Borden King combines meticulous research with moving reflections about living with breast cancer to expose an overlooked form of medical paternalism and explore the thought-provoking relationship between one’s body and most intimate self-image.

by Surbhi Kalia Paula Rochon

Longer lives are one of the greatest achievements in medicine. Yet we see a diminished quality of life for many older adults, especially women, due to inequities institutionalized in health care. So how do we de-institutionalize these inequities?

by Stephanie Ragganandan Karen Lawford

Improving health care must begin by recognizing the interconnected webs of colonization woven into all health-care systems in Canada. A good place to start would be at the beginning – with maternity care and birth.

by Rehona Zamani

It's a battle to wake up and choose the hijab each day. I truly believe in this aspect of my faith, but the fear and experience of harassment and discrimination is a form of oppression I endure. I know this is a feeling shared by my peers in medicine.

by Elena Rusu Lucie Péléja Marc Albert

I have ADHD, but it took nearly my whole life to receive a proper diagnosis. Unfortunately, I am not alone – females with this condition often go either undiagnosed or misdiagnosed, since ADHD diagnostic criteria are male-oriented.

by Idil Abdillahi Anne Rucchetto

Differences in surgical outcomes between men and women may be part of a larger gendered public health crisis.

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