Medical students, beware the pitfalls of becoming “influencers” on social media

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  1. K

    I don’t mind if MDs have public social media accounts. I always check them before picking a family MD or specialist as I don’t want to see a doctor (and thus help them make $ on my visit) if they make ridiculous claims or political messages on social media. Helps me avoid individuals I would rather not support. e.g. found out on twitter that an MD I was going to see was a very vocal supporter of a public policy I disagree with so I called and got rescheduled to see another doctor.

  2. Paul Thiessen

    I agree wholeheartedly! Medical reputations will become rapidly tarnished if learners/physicians endorse commercial items such as weight loss products, aromatherapy and a host of other ‘junk’ claims that have no basis in proven benefits. “Falsehood flies and the truth comes limping behind” (Jonathan Swift)

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