Ontario’s patient ombudsman needs to be a patient

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  1. Adam Smith

    I must have missed the idea that the Patient Ombudsman is a machine. Aren’t all of us patients? If you are advocating that the PO has to be part of your advocacy group, then say so – put your self-interest out there.

  2. Mike Fraumeni

    It would be interesting to know exactly what sort of a patient with whatever condition(s) you believe the next Patient Ombudsman has experienced.

    • Zal Press

      Thanks Mike for your important point. I don’t believe that there’s a specific condition that a person should have. The ombudsman report highlights that most complaints revolve around communication. Who then would be best equipped to manage communication problems – lawyers or a person who, with empathy, has a shared experience. There are many capable people who have journeyed through the health care system and are currently advisors on quality committees, curriculum committees, hiring panels etc. They’ve worked hard to develop extraordinary communication skills, enabling them to navigate the minefields of professional bias and scientific tyranny. This is a much larger community than is commonly known and is where the hunt should begin.

      • Adam Smith

        What a bizarre comment. As a legal professional, I have empathy. And I am a patient. And my elderly parents, disabled friends are patients who have to navigate the system. Oh, and I have a condition which requires me to navigate the system too. What you are really saying is that you should decide. Your arrogance is appalling.

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