Can cannabis reduce agitation in dementia patients?

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  1. Fred Ryan

    Anecdotally, it appears that cannabanoids offer remarkably helpful results to people with early dementia (and for their care-givers), plus those suffering bi-polar and other psychotic difficulties. Yet the researchers you quote all seem determined to dismiss this chemical because of various easy-to-resolve difficulties (uneven quality, etc ). Would not a genuine line of investigation seek to actually surmount these difficulties to get at the potential here for aid? Finally, the drug is legal and can be studied . . . but now faces prejudices among the researchers themselves?
    A neighbour (across the street here) has been diagnosed as bipolar (when it was called that) — has had two ambulance episodes to the hospital due to difficulties with his lithium prescription, plus family difficulties, until he decided to try cannabis (legally purchased). He — and his care-giving sister — claim he has not felt this capable and functional for years. One unofficial example … but such instances are ignored by researchers due to years of bad press and public disapproval. Is this how medical research should be conducted, swayed by researchers’ prejudices?

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