Arithmetic Operations: Breast Cancer Screening Choices and Anticoagulation Bridging

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Nathan discusses a randomized trial about breast cancer screening that found that sending women information about both the risks and the benefits of breast cancer screening resulted in more women making an “informed choice” and fewer wanting to undergo screening mammography.

Amol discusses the BRIDGE trial, which found that not bridging patients’ anticoagulation around the time of elective surgeries or procedures was not inferior to bridging. What do Amol, the internist, and Nathan, the surgeon, think this means for perioperative practice? Listen to find out.

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Good Stuff

1. http://www.nytimes.com/2015/09/08/health/what-are-a-hospitals-costs-utah-system-is-trying-to-learn.html?_r=0

2. https://www.womensurgeons.org/an-exclusive-perspective-of-being-a-woman-surgeon/


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