Episode 25 – Women’s Heme Health

Welcome back Rounds Table listeners!

This week we have a very special episode on Women’s Heme Health. We are joined by some very special guests this week, including – Dr. Jennifer Teichman, Dr. Heather VanderMeulen, Dr. Ying Ling, Dr. Jameel Abdulrehman, Dr. Sumedha Arya, Dr. Gillian Hawker and Dr. Michelle Sholzberg.

  1. Dr. Jennifer Teichman: How frequently are we screening pregnant women for iron deficiency? (0:35 – 10:20)
  2. Dr. Heather VanderMeulen: The experience of postpartum bleeding in women with inherited bleeding disorders
  3. (10:20 – 19:45)
  4. Dr Ying Ling: Take Control. Period. (19:45 – 29:30)
  5. Dr. Jameel Abdulrehman: IRON MOM (29:30 – 36:53)
  6. Dr. Sumedha Arya: Understanding the lived experiences of women with bleeding disorders (36:53 – 46:45)
  7. Dr. Gillian Hawker: Why it is important to focus research efforts on women’s health and hematology? (46:45 – 54:42)
  8. Dr. Michelle Sholzberg: Tackling sexism in medicine (54:42 – 1:08:50)

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