Episode 32 – Agitation in Dementia and Antiplatelet Therapy after Intracerebral Hemorrhage

Welcome back Rounds Table Listeners!

We are back today with our Classic Rapid Fire Podcast!

This week, Mike and John do a Rapid Fire session to discuss two recent papers exploring pharmacotherapy-based interventions for agitation experienced by individuals with dementia and when to start/restart antiplatelet therapy after stroke caused by intracerebral hemorrhage. Two papers, here we go!

  1. Effects of Antiplatelet Therapy After Stroke Caused by Intracerebral Hemorrhage (0:00 – 7:14).
  2. Study of mirtazapine for agitated behaviours in dementia (SYMBAD): a randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial (7:14 – 14:42).

And for the Good Stuff:

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