Episode 36 – Making Hospitals Safer

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We are back today with our Classic Rapid Fire Podcast!

This week, Drs. Mike and John Fralick do a Rapid Fire session to discuss two recent papers exploring hospital safety – specifically, which opioid is best to use after fractures requiring orthopedic surgery and how we can minimize sleep interruption in hospitalized patients. Two papers, here we go!

  1. Effectiveness of Oxycodone Hydrochloride (Strong Opioid) vs Combination Acetaminophen and Codeine (Mild Opioid) for Subacute Pain After Fractures Managed Surgically (0:00 – 8:32).

  2. Effectiveness of an Analytics-Based Intervention for Reducing Sleep Interruption in Hospitalized Patients (8:32 – 17:05).

And for the Good Stuff:

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  • Douglas Wright says:

    Its important for doctors to know Oxycodone makes many of us very nauseous (everyone in my family) and while ASA with codeine works for short term on mild pain it is not sufficient for all patients. The short term pain relief in turn leads to interrupted sleep. Something overlooked are Fentanyl patches. These solve the second problem of sleep interruption as other pain killer begin to wear off after 4 hours. Fentanyl patches release low level but continuous doses of painkiller making uninterrupted sleep possible.
    The patches are available in various doses so it would be up to the physician to determine the correct dose

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