Episode 6 – Rapid Fire Cardiovascular

Welcome back for another episode of The Rounds Table!

This episode Mike and John review 4 papers related to the latest and greatest in cardiovascular medicine.

Check it out here:

  1. What is the efficacy and safety for using colchicine in myocardial infarction? (00:00 – 04:15)


  1. Do lower LDL targets improve outcomes for TIA or stroke? (04:15 – 10:50)


  1. Does Preop-BNP help predict cardiovascular outcomes in non-cardiac surgery? (10:50 – 19:08)


  1. Does lowering alcohol consumption reduce the burden of atrial fibrillation? (19:10 – 24:20)


And for the good stuff (24:25 to 26:46):

John talks about a case-report straight from outer space – management of a DVT on the International Space Station:

         o   https://www.nejm.org/doi/full/10.1056/NEJMc1905875

Mike talks about a great website that provides local antibiotic resistance rates:

         o   https://resistanceopen.org/ 



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