Rapid fire: Geriatric Medicine

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Episode 2 is all about geriatric medicine. Rapid fire format, 4 key papers….enjoy!

1. Does loss of scam awareness predict risk for mild cognitive impairment and dementia? (00:35 to 04:28)
https://annals.org/aim/article-abstract/2731121/scam-awareness-related-incident-alzheimer- dementia-mild-cognitive-impairment-prospective?doi=10.7326%2fM18-2711


2. Burdensome end-of-life interventions in patients with advanced dementia (04:28 to 08:55)


3. Can healthy lifestyles lower the risk of dementia for those at increased genetic risk? (08:55 to 13:34)


4. What is the impact of in-patient blood pressure management intensification for older patients? (13:34 to 18:35)


And of course, we can’t forget the Good Stuff.

– A fascinating podcast by psychologist and best-selling author, Adam Grant:


– And for musicology fans, check out this interesting breakdown of how the jury got it wrong in the Katie Perry copyright lawsuit



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