On Our Soapbox: Antibiotics in intraabdominal sepsis and lipid therapy in the elderly

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Amol and Nathan want you to understand the following:

1. A short duration (4 days) of antibiotics for intra-abdominal sepsis was equivalent to a longer duration (approx. 8 days) of antibiotics for intra-abdominal sepsis after an appropriate source control procedure.

2. A population-based cohort study of elderly patients showed that lipid lowering therapy for primary prevention was associated with no improvement in rates of coronary heart disease and a 30% relative reduction in the risk of strokes, which differs from clinical trial data and suggests further trials are necessary in elderly patients.

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The papers

STOP-IT Trial of antibiotics for intra-abdominal sepsis

A population-based cohort study of lipid lowering therapy in older adults

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