TBT – Hematology Rapid Fire!

Welcome back Rounds Table Listeners!

We are returning with an oldie but a goodie!

In this repeat episode, Mike and John do a Rapid Fire session to discuss recent papers on various topics relating to hematology. Here we go!

  1. Is an incidental lymphopenia associated with increased mortality? (00:00 – 07:40) 
  2. Does tranexamic acid increase risk of thrombosis? (07:41 – 12:45)
  3. Outcomes associated with antiplatelet therapy after spontaneous intracerebral hemorrhage (12:46 – 18:63) 
  4. Iron deficiency in pregnancy, and the IRON MOM study (18:14 – 26:37)

And for the Good Stuff:

  1. Powerful article from 2003 written by a Toronto physician, Dr. Mark Cheung, who details his personal experience as a health care provider, and then patient after he acquired SARS. It’s a beautiful read: https://www.cmaj.ca/content/169/12/1284 
  2. Learning about R, with the help of Teacup Giraffes: https://tinystats.github.io/teacups-giraffes-and-statistics/01_introToR

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