Alcohol and pregnancy: Is it safe to have a little?

alcohol pregnancy evidence single drink

When Alison was pregnant six years ago, she asked her Toronto-based midwife what she thought about her having a drink. Her midwife advised her to avoid alcohol during the first trimester. But after that, one drink at a time, once or twice week, would be okay. She followed the advice. “I really enjoy a glass

To prevent FASD, empower women

A month ago, the Centers for Disease Control in the US released its controversial guidelines recommending all women who “might be” pregnant abstain from alcohol and that all women who are pregnant stop drinking completely. While parts of the guidelines are appropriate, including that all pregnant women be talked to about alcohol use, the messaging

Ontario must rethink alcohol sales

Over the past five years, provincial legislative changes have made alcohol more accessible in Ontario. The structure of alcohol distribution has now become increasingly permissive due to the loosening of historical controls on a harmful substance. The trajectory of alcohol policy continues to become increasingly adverse to the health and well-being of Ontarians.  Consider the

Health care system is failing people with alcohol addiction, say experts

It’s one of the biggest health issues Canadians face. It’s responsible for 7% of all premature deaths in this country. The direct health system costs amount to three billion dollars a year. But its most devastating impacts are felt by those with the condition and their families. If excessive alcohol consumption didn’t jump to your

Canadian alcohol pricing research makes waves abroad, not so much at home

Alcohol pricing and public health

Canadian research that shows how alcohol price policies can reduce alcohol-related harm is making waves in the United Kingdom, Australia and the United States—but not yet at home. International attention has far outstripped domestic attention for a surge of public health-related alcohol research coming out of the University of Victoria’s Centre for Addictions Research of

“Chronic blindness” to health impact of alcohol policies

Health Impacts of Increased Availability of Alcohol

It’s a political football. Whenever the prospect of privatizing the Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO) is placed on the agenda, the result is a heated and polarized debate. Tax revenues, employment, competition and consumer convenience—these are the concerns that dominate discussion. But when it comes to any changes in alcohol policy, explicit consideration of the health

Drunk: the impact of alcohol abuse on our health care system

Drunk: The impact of alcohol abuse on our health care system

Defined as someone “having the faculties impaired by alcohol” (or a more practical version: “When you have to hold onto the grass to keep from falling off the earth“), those of us who work in an acute healthcare facility are witness to many illustrious examples of drunk patients coming through our doors. Underaged kids passed out

Alcohol and diabetes: a potentially dangerous mix

Lisa Priest Personal Health Navigator Sunnybrook

The Personal Health Navigator is available to all Canadian patients. Questions about your doctor, hospital or how to navigate the health care system can be sent to The Question: How does alcohol consumption affect diabetes? I work with street people who don’t always eat properly. Does it worsen their diabetes? The Answer: Intuitively, you would think that