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by Marzia Rahman

3 years robbed

Three years that should have been high school. Turned out as a mean few years that I’ll never get back

by Mojann Zibapour

Do Svidaniya

Collective horror but we’re so alone. Feeling like I was the only one. No matter how much I rebuild

by Paige Wallace

My experience during the pandemic

What even was a pandemic? There’s no way that this can last any longer than March break, right?

by Precious Alabi


I was paranoid and anxious because of the news I had seen about the virus on social media, which was my news outlet at that time.

by Sania Sami

Infected Sugar Cookies

What even was a pandemic? There’s no way that this can last any longer than March break, right?

by Srushhti Trivedi

Finding home in myself

What even was a pandemic? There’s no way that this can last any longer than March break, right?

by Tianna Gao

What the pandemic has taught me

I have gained a newfound appreciation for enduring failures, overcoming challenges and celebrating success as part of maintaining accountability to myself.

by Skye Redman

My Covid Story

At the beginning, we thought that if we wore masks and stayed inside, we would be protected. This wasn’t enough.

by Vaidehee Lanke

The pandemic taught me that education systems can be reinvented

Hybrid was the name of the game in fourth year. With half of my classes on campus, I had to reacquaint myself with how to learn in person again.

Two sides of a coin

It was the twenty third, The people heard, That things would be changing. At home we would stay, For at least 28 days, History in the making.

by Maryam Mohammad Samir

One step at a time

Of course, everything is one step at a time. I hope that one day, I will be able to walk the school hallways without needing a mask to cover up the insecurities.

by Muaad Seiyad

Finding joy in the little things

The first thing that comes to my mind of how COVID-19 affected me is that I’ve taken the simplest things in life for granted.

by Rowan Ferrie

Without Shame

Strange, growing up in a world where you never know where you will find yourself.

by Stella Fairman

Annoyed and tired … but prepared

I don’t know if I can say that the pandemic has taught me anything. I know it was hard for everybody, and I know that a lot of people had it worse.

by Tasha Lee

I’ve Been Graduating

The degree I earned was in Cinema Studies and I thought it was apt that instead of having people walk across the stage, our names scrolled down a screen.

by Audrey Fisher

Online, off line, repeat

Masks, sanitizing, repeat. Online, off line, online, off line. Can’t eat lunch inside the school. How do I eat outside? It's so cold

by K.H Anjaan

Remnants of a Pandemic and the Unbalanced Accounts

The pandemic became the kind of time bomb that would tingle on the synapses of our sanity, with the promise that it would explode but never would.

by Laura Sofia Mosquerra Pava

A cruel loop

Tugging on nostalgia, painfully preserving the present and gatekeeping the future.

by Nazneen

The importance of caring for others

When I first heard about COVID-19 I was in fourth grade, and it was a month before March break.

by Ris V. Rose


This isn’t what I meant when I said I wanted to go home. This isn’t what I meant when I said there was too much talking, too much grouping.

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