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by Ananya Rakshit Akruwala

My story about COVID-19

Although experiences with the pandemic vary, they all stem from the same root circumstances: fear, distortion, paranoia generated worldwide and isolation.

by Tasha Lee

I’ve Been Graduating

The degree I earned was in Cinema Studies and I thought it was apt that instead of having people walk across the stage, our names scrolled down a screen.

by Carmen Peng

Learning about myself

It was very hard to concentrate on school during the pandemic because school was shortened, and I could go to class either on the bed or on the beach.

by Samreen Khurram

We need support to get back on track

School represents more than just academics for children and youth. For many, school and its in-person interactions and activities form the cornerstone of their lives.

by Courtney Noseworthy

Be grateful you’re alive, they say

We are all human and this pandemic hurt us all in different ways. Be kind to all!

by Aikam Kanwar

Unsafe, hopeless, scared and angry

I had experienced mixed emotions during the pandemic, when everything was shut down and there was nowhere to go. I had the feeling that someone was controlling since they would not allow me escape from the situation I was stuck in.

The tide shall rise again

we rode the tide till it left nothing but our bodies sprawled against grains of silt cherished the momentary breeze that would come along in an attempt to take us further we didn’t know what was to come next

Surprise COVID baby

COVID came to us in 2020. 2 years later in isolation. A whole lot of love and a baby! Turing 25 with a 2-month-old

by Amir Said

Pandemic Positivity

However, it turned out that things weren’t as bad as I thought. I met so many wonderful people and had so many wonderful interactions during the pandemic.

by Anisha Dhillon

Making the best of a bad situation

As someone who is always on the go, lockdowns allowed for me to slow down after spending years working hard at a degree and find new hobbies

by Carmen Cheung

The Coexistence of Gratitude and Grief

How can we emerge from mass disruption on a global scale unscathed and fully intact, as if the emotions surrounding all that we lost might automatically vanish?

by Clara Lachman

An open letter: Please support our youth in rewriting our narrative

The state of mental wellbeing of the young adult demographic poses a public health concern, and yet it seems that this group – our future leaders – are being neglected by current systems.

by Jocelyn Wong


The fire’s less hot when you’re used to its inferno. When the heat gets unbearable, it shifts to a numb blue that no painting or Pantone catalogue could ever convey.

They said

They said stay inside, it will keep you safe.They said go home, assuming we had one. They said get online, it will be the same. They said stay inside, but some were not safe.

by Ravana Smith

Lost Things

I've lost myself many times, but I was always able to find her again. The last time I lost myself, however, was March of 2020, and I haven't been able to find her since.

by Claris Lam

Sick Days, everything is fine, quarantined fear

Everything is fine, you claim with tired eyes, baggy underneath with full exhaustion, with keeping up with the world still collapsing.

by Davis Bird

My COVID Experience

I got packages from school when I was in Grade 5; I missed going to school. I did not like the packages; I liked the school environment better.

by Isra Amsdr

Outgrowing the growing pains

But to be a young disabled person amidst the pandemic is to be left to decay until your body does not respond to conservative treatment.

by Lydia C. Rehman

The pandemic tales – striving through despair

When the pandemic began, I was finishing my third year at the University of Toronto. I had finally come out of my shell that I had been locked into for my first three years.

Fear of that life inside a bubble

Scary. If there is a word I could use to describe the way I felt when lockdown was first announced, it would be exactly that. Scary.

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