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by Alison Thompson Paula Chidwick Lisa Jennifer Schwartz Stephanie Nixon Lisa Forman Robert Sibbald

Public conversation on the ethics of intensive care triage during pandemic is overdue

As bioethicists who have worked on a framework for ICU triage in Ontario, we are concerned by the lack of transparency.

by Sandor J. Demeter

Finding the balance between public health ethics and medical ethics

Restrictive pandemic control strategies can have significant adverse consequences. Governments must use established public health ethical frameworks to guide their imposition.

by Marcia Sokolowski Andria Bianchi

Informed Consent: Should geriatric populations be told about limited representation in vaccine clinical trials?

There are ethical questions over whether certain seniors in long-term care or their designated decision-makers have the information needed to give informed consent to receiving a COVID-19 vaccine.

by Natalie Jesionka

‘It’s not too bad to miss Canadian winter:’ Voluntourism adapting to pandemic

The pandemic forced the shutdown of the $2.6-billion voluntourism industry, but some organizations later reopened with safety protocols that go beyond the bare minimum. However, that’s not always the case.

by Morenike Akinyemi

Ethics are critical in the move to digital health

Digital health is playing a pivotal role in transforming how care is delivered during this pandemic. While its benefits may be vast, we must pay attention to the unintended consequences.

by Timothy Caulfield

Stem cell miracles don’t live up to the hype

by Wendy Glauser Irfan Dhalla Joshua Tepper

Can financial incentives help patients be healthier?

by Yoni Freedhoff

Hospitals need to be more than just landlords

by Peter J Gill Jonathon Maguire

Outdated consent rules a barrier to improving children’s health care

by Vanessa Milne Andreas Laupacis Mike Tierney

Are family doctors cherry picking patients?

by Sophia Ikura Timothy Caulfield Terrence Sullivan

Should patients be told about incidental findings from genetic testing?

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