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by Michael Fralick John Fralick Shannon Ruzycki

Episode 18 – Equity, diversity and inclusion in medicine: Interview w Dr. Ruzycki

by Dafna Izenberg Chika Oriuwa Maureen Taylor

Why is there a gender wage gap in Canadian medicine?

by Allison Brown Shannon Ruzycki

The idea that medicine is above sexism is false—and destructive

by Paul Bunce Kieran Quinn Emily Hughes Sheliza Halani Matthew Stanbrook

Bugs & Drugs: Antibiotics in Aspiration Pneumonia, Choosing Wisely in Cellulitis Evaluation, and Demystifying the Editorial Process

by Vanessa Milne Joshua Tepper Jeremy Petch

The suicide gap: Why men are more likely to kill themselves

by Kieran Quinn Emily Hughes Sheliza Halani Jay Spiegel

C the Difference: Adverse Events in Short Term Steroid Use & Prevention of Recurrence of C. difficile

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