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by David Dorian Benjamin Chin-Yee

The zero-sum vaccination game

Amidst the clamour for mass vaccination, we think it's worth reflecting on the limitations of our fixation on vaccine procurement as a nation. What does it mean for global health equity?

by Blair Bigham

Canada must show global leadership on vaccine patents

Canada’s refusal to help more than 100 developing countries mass-produce vaccines is un-Canadian—and hypocritical. This pandemic requires a global solution.

by David To

Travel restrictions limit opportunities for personal and professional growth for medical trainees

Due to health and travel restrictions related to COVID-19 and policies by Canadian medical training programs to suspend or discourage international opportunities at this time, a cohort of medical trainees is at risk of missing out on valuable experiences.

by Kailey Minnings

‘Already it was hard. Now, it’s become impossible’: Pandemic highlights barriers to healthcare for migrant workers

Contributing to the easy spread of the virus among migrant workers were significant social issues. The result was outbreaks, illness, and sadly, the deaths of three migrant workers.  

by Abigail Roberts

Getting comfortable with being uncomfortable: A Canadian’s perspective on studying medicine abroad during the pandemic

We are coming up on a year of COVID-19, and we have overcome more challenges than we ever could have expected. This year has prepared us for the unexpected challenges of the medical profession.

by Natalie Jesionka

‘It’s not too bad to miss Canadian winter:’ Voluntourism adapting to pandemic

The pandemic forced the shutdown of the $2.6-billion voluntourism industry, but some organizations later reopened with safety protocols that go beyond the bare minimum. However, that’s not always the case.

by Fatema Almousawi

Dreams and ambitions amid a pandemic

by Nikita Singh Marco Tenaglia

There’s no place like home during a pandemic

by Vanessa Milne Andreas Laupacis Mike Tierney

Prescription drug coverage: how does Canada compare?

by Sidak Kaur Terrence Sullivan Andreas Laupacis Jeremy Petch

Canadian provinces take first steps towards lower drug prices

by Vanessa Milne Joshua Tepper Christopher Doig

Changes to temporary foreign worker program have unintended impacts on doctors

by Vanessa Milne Irfan Dhalla Verna Yiu

What Canada can learn from Sweden’s health registry system

by Vanessa Milne Irfan Dhalla Timothy Caulfield

How Norway’s innovative library made high-quality health information free for everyone

by Christopher Stone Alex Cressman

Lessons from Cuba on improving primary care in Canada

by Christopher Doig Irfan Dhalla Vanessa Milne

Changes ahead for international medical graduates hoping to practise in Canada

by Marnie Escaf Nizar Mahomed

Caring for international patients improves care for Canadians

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