Obesity is killing us. So why can’t we do anything about it?

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  1. Ronin

    Great article that touches on many key points. An effective strategy should have initiatives that continuously flow through age groups. Reinforcing healthy behaviour as we age, providing us guidance as our priorities and responsibilities change. The CIHI report suggests less than 10% of healthcare expenditure is spent on educational initiatives, I would consider this ethically and economically irresponsible.

    It’s commonly observed that sociodemographics also play a role; with today’s rising food prices are we taking into account access to healthy dietary options? It must be considered hand in hand when thinking of taxing liquid sugar.

    It may be hard to convey a message when one feels it is just an impact on his/her own life. Making the education more interactive and providing a sense of social responsibility to stay healthy should also be examined. For example taking field trips to hospitals, and demonstrating the limited resources available, often utilized by problems that could be avoided with early education.

    Another education piece for self awareness would be on the impact of new technologies (VR, UBER eats) on physical activity. We put calories on foods, how about putting number of hours of activity lost when one plays a full campaign of call of duty?

    • harri

      When taking a field trip to hospitals to point out their limited resources, don’t forget to stop for lunch at the Tim Horton’s restaurant located within the hospital and load up on sugar and fat.
      There cannot be any credibility in any strategy or spending healthcare devises to combat the obesity crisis as long as it continues to offer unhealthy food choices within its own settings and does not practice what it preaches.

  2. Merrilee Fullerton

    I thought you might have mentioned the evolving role of epigenetic understanding with respect to obesity.

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