Sick and tired: How can hospitals help patients get the sleep they need?

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  1. Trevor Hancock

    Thank you for this article, I am glad to see the issue being addressed. When I do ‘Healthy Hospital’ workshops, I always start with 4 questions, the first of which is ‘can I get a good night’s sleep in your hospital?’. (The other 3 are ‘Do you have the best food in the community?; Are you the healthiest workplace in the community? and Are you tithe most environmentally friendly institution in your community?’.

    The answer to all 4 is almost always ‘no’, accompanied by somewhat embarrassed laughter. So I ask ‘what is wrong with this picture, why is this not true in what is supposed to be the beacon/temple of health in the community – and what needs to change?’

    People might like to look at the Planetree approach in the USA as a good model of how to create a healthier hospital (for patients, staff and visitors).

    Dr. Trevor Hancock, Professor and Senior Scholar, School of Public Health and Social Policy, University of Victoria

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