‘The solution is really system wide’: Long wait times defy quick fixes

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  1. Judy

    A system wide solution requires central oversight and logistical planning. Not disconnected solutions from 14 LHINs and more subLHIN bureaucracies. Did we learn anything from the eHealth EHR boondoggle? Experts in systems required, not doctors. Deputy minister deluded and in denial.

  2. James Murtagh

    I began my career as a health administrator 30-years ago. The litany of challenges listed above and the few possible solutions are not particularly new. In fact, when I look at the challenges which constantly garner attention in the press, in professional journals and elsewhere I see almost nothing I did not encounter in my first week on the job. What has changed are the reasons we offer as to why things don’t change. It is true there are system level issues but I fear the ‘system’ perspective simply leads to paralysis as either no one has the authority to mandate change or, alternatively, the courage. Many health care commentators lack deep experience as patients and all of us who work in the ‘system’ should, no matter how sound the commentary, blush a little when we are so bold as to offer diagnoses and therapeutic options for the health system. We have been pontificating for 30-years and still patients face the same frustrations in accessing care. One would think we should have a credibility issue by now! For my part I think there is room for rapid and substantive change in some areas but most will not occur because health care leaders have been co-opted by government. We are employees in all but name and go to great lengths not to challenge government dogma. This is especially true of administrators who, unlike almost any other profession, has no independent voice challenging the status quo. Bottom line…lets not get so wrapped up in our analyses that we are still talking about the same issues 30-years from now.

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