Fighting the Flu with Labour Laws: The Case for Paid Sick Days

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  1. Gabriele Rucchetto

    Great article I believe paid sick days would be benefical to the overall society health. Totally agree. I hope that this will come to pass.

  2. Louise Clarke

    This is an important and valid submission. I totally agree with the concept of paid sick days for all of the reasons stated above.
    Coming into a work environment with symptoms of illness and ill health is disturbing for everyone who is forced to share that space.
    If you act responsibly and do everything you can to achieve good health, and share space with someone who is spewing their sick germs via coughing particles into the air, spreading infection by hand to mouth or hand to hand contact, touching their nose or making contact with materials that must be shared (door knobs, telephones, paper reports and books, etc.) or sometimes just breathing the same air, your effort will be thwarted and you will likely succumb to sickness as well.
    Time, efficiency and money will be lost due to illness. This costly for everyone, discouraging and unfair.
    Good health is not an option without paid sick days.
    Good health should be a human right, and available to everyone. Great article Anne!

  3. Sandra Clark

    This would be amazing. I don’t have sick leave at work and with this flu going around I pray I don’t catch it. I’d have to go to work sick.

  4. Dave

    This is a great article and I support it. The other big issue is employers requiring medical notes for every illness. This forces mildly sick people to strain the health system. When they should really just be at home resting. I believe this is another big issue that needs addressed in labour laws.

  5. Mike

    Yes, all true and we all know it. Unfortunately the more I carefully read the Employment Standards Act the clearer it becomes that the ESA is in place to protect the employers rather then the employees. Employers currently have the right to give their employees as many paid or unpaid sick days as the wish. But they will never willingly do so. Especially large companies/corporations. So… try to get our Canadian lawmakers to put the type of laws in place that wourd make paid sick days mandatory… good luck

  6. Marni

    I am employed on contract with St. Michael’s Hospital (the home of Healthy Debate), in a job that is .8 FTE (30/hrs per week). I receive no paid sick days here (by contrast, my previous employer offered 10 paid sick days/yr, in the same job field and employment conditions- contract at .8FTE). I was shocked this past fall when I feel ill with both the flu and strep throat and realized that the health care organization employing me expected that I either forgo pay or continue to be present while sick. This is cause for shame on the organization.

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