Faces of Healthcare

Brian P

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  • Mich says:

    Amazing story. I feel this in everyway ! Keep up the good work!

  • Dean says:

    Yea well,,I think Oxycodone and or Hydrocodone are great tools for anxiety and depression,,,but only temporary. They do tend to help me cope and alittle more patient,s in times of stress. How ever ,to much,,,can have a opposet affect. So you can’t take to many on a daily bases,,,and you have to learn how to wein yourself off of them to minimize the withdrawal. But for me,,,there way better then let’s say Zoloft.

    • Brian P says:

      As a counsellor I strongly recommend you see a doctor and get to the root of the issue. Zoloft, is an SSRI, hydrocodone, or any other opioid works on completely different receptor sites. Opioids are not antidepressants, they are narcotics and completely shut down the CNS, this is not an adequate way of attaining acute or long term relief. The risks of dependancy is too high especially given that you yourself state that you have a mood disorder

    • Xannn says:



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