Is a COVID vaccine safe if I have a suppressed immune system?

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  • Marie Burke says:

    I have low white blood cells 3.1 and now 4.1. I have atrial fibrillation and on 15 mg of Xarelto every evening. I bleed easily and have environmental allergies and catch colds easily if I don’t stay away from crowds during flu season. Should I get the covid-19 vaccine or just wear a mask when I occasionally have to go to a doctor, self distance and basically continue to be a hermit as usual.

    • Severino Seena says:

      Hi Marie, Have as said Nobel Price Physicist Linus Pauling, at least 3 grams vitamin C, up to Bowel tolerance but no more than 18 grams a day, With my problems of blood circulation I took for a year 18 grams a day and no bowel issues. Take also 5 grams a day of D3 vitamin, 1 B 12 complex, Magnesium, and take fermented COD LIVER OIL for the best vitamin K. I also on top of this, take 400 mg of Vitamin E. I am an elder, and since I take such vitamins, if I get a flue, it is very light. The point is, elders always died in spring and autumn for my experience. The origin of diseases, is malnutrition. We have plenty of it, but by the time from the farm comes to our table, loses some nutrients. I suggest you go to see a naturophatologist. The one don’t give drugs. They damage your immune system.
      Good luck, Sevy

  • Linda says:

    I have small cell lung cancer and my immune system is low. Well the covid shot be bad for my low immune system ?? I don’t want to feel bad from anything.

  • Wendy says:

    I’m so scared cause of my auto immune condition I take hydroxychloraquin I really don’t know. My doctor says take it.

    • Laura Lucio says:

      I take hydroxy Clore Quinn for system called the sun will pray to get the vaccination I have to attend my daughters wedding in July and I’m scared

      • Laura Lucio says:

        What my post should have said is that I take hydroxychloroquine for systemic lupus I have not been vaccinated. I have to attend My daughter’s wedding in July. I’m in pain with flareups recently so I am definitely afraid to be vaccinated

  • Sylvia Ryder says:

    I am 75 have Sjogrens, O/A in most of my body Fibroymalgia,High Blood Pressure.I am wondering whether to have my second Jab in a few weeks,since I had the first I have had so many things going wrong with my body,and feeling extremely off colour since the day after my Jab.
    Does the AstraZeneca affect the immune system ? I cannot seem to get a proper answer.

  • Kathleen O,Brien says:

    Hi I have autoimmune neutropenia have low white count,I also have pernicious anemia and an underlying thyroid,I have these illnesses due to antibodies attacking my body and I just wanted to know if taking my COVID vaccine it will be dangerous for me I’m due it next week and no ones able to answer my queries.

    Yours sincerely

    • Steven O'Neil says:

      So I am dialysis patient and waiting on a kidney I had a transplant so I am still on immune suppressants. I decided to get the vaccine and I got the first shot Pfizer no February 28th. I had severe side effects fever chills and severe trouble breathing. I ended up in the hospital for 3 days. I talked to my doctor. He suggests I get the second shot. So on Thursday the 25th I received the second vaccine. I had symptoms chills and fever. Took regular Tylenol. Just wanted to let you know what I went through give you an idea about me and suppressant patients. I feel a lot better today but my body is still sore all over and I’m tired thanks for listening

    • Steve O'Neil says:

      Kathleen, I’m used to present patient and I got the vaccine. I had severe side effects on the first one and normal side effects for the second one. Just be prepared for chills fever and trouble breathing take your Tylenol and drink plenty of fluids.

    • Kimberly D says:

      I have chronic anemia for years and they still don’t know what is causing it , I have a extremely low white blood count , and autoimmune and I wasn’t happy when I read that they did not do all the clinical trials on people with auto immune and are not sure it will work , but I know if I get covid , it will hit me very hard , so I took the Johnson and Johnson vaccine yesterday and it has made me very sick , 103 temp, body aches, headache and very light headed , chest today is achy and my heart went out of control , beating rapid and hard with palpitations for hours and blood pressure would shoot up high then drop to 77/42 .. not sure why it hit me this way , but I see an immunologist and hematologist and they both advised me to get it , I think my biggest fear is now that people with immune problems have a higher but still small chance of bleeding and blood clots .. but if we get covid the shot can atleast keep us out of the hospital

  • Sydney Burton says:

    I had both shots and am experiencing serious side effects. Extreme fatigue, depression, weakness, tingling around my mouth and in my fingers. I had the second vaccine February 13th and seem to be getting worse. I have Addison’s disease and am wondering if the potassium has anything to do with it?

    Sydney Burton

  • Joan says:

    its not people believe the vaccine will give them covid when they have a compromised immune system, it they do not know how their body will react to the vaccine. many people have died from the vaccine,not because it gave them covid19 but because their body could not handle it and there was not nearly enough testing performed on this type issue as the compaies were pressed to get the vaccines going so they did just that in record timing……there have been mothers with young children who died hours and some just 4 days after getting the vaccine….several doctors died too, one was young and said to be healthy until the vaccine was given to him… dead……ive read only two sites online and there are many, believe me but only two i read suggest not running to get the vaccine if you have cancer, are going through chemotherapy or have a compromised immune system… glad at least these two site were honest…..all others push it….claiming its safe……with many dying after getting the vaccine, i do question its safety.

    • Kathleen O’Brien says:

      Hi Joan,
      That’s exactly what I’m trying find out how our bodies will react to the vaccine with our illnesses etc,my goodness that’s shocking the people you mentioned has passed away from reaction to the vaccine,it’s so sad and very frightening and good for you letting us know this information .

  • Catherine Stirzaker says:

    Can the vaccine make ones immune system go into overdrive?

    • A malley says:

      I have to be honest, mine did. I have neuro issues from damaged cns from past lyme disease being undiagnosed, small fiber neuropathy and my entire Cns went into total overdrive after 1st Pfizer vaccine. Had swollen head with a horrific 5 day migraine (trembling, weak, and still have shakiness down my spine and it’s been almost 2 weeks since my 1st shot) This all started the sunday after a wednesday vaccine, so my opinion this was not typical vaccine effects, but my system going into overdrive. I am now driving myself crazy if it’s even safe to put my body thru this again next week when I dont even feel back to my normal (ill state) Sorry to be so honest, but I think sharing my experience is very important because it’s the truth. No matter what you decide I wish you the best.

  • Shirley Taylor says:

    My friend says once you get covid19 and you recover. You cant get it again. Is that true??

  • Lin Craddock says:

    Hi Paul, just a query, as I have had the Oxford vaccine, (57 reasonably fit! Meditated yoga daily). I have had no reaction to the vaccine, even my arm isn’t effected. Does this mean my immune system is weak? I broke my wrist 3 weeks ago and under went surgery (meant some heavy duty drugs) but came off them 8 days before the vaccine.

  • Dolly says:

    best site so far, as directed to the general public level of understanding.

  • Margaret says:

    If you not been sick in 10 years and not been in bad health And your immune system is in excellent condition do yo need the COVID-19 shot

  • John Spall says:

    I have mysthenia gravis will vaccine work on me

  • Nancy Hartman says:

    Hello.I have Wegners Vassulitis .I recieved my last treatment Dec.21 2020 and before that was 4 years ago. Can I get the Covid 19 vaccine ?if so when should I shedule?

    • Mary says:

      Do you have any recent information on whether immune compromised individuals are protected with antibodies after the 2nd Pfizer vaccine? Are you aware of any websites or blogs devoted to this issue?

  • William Hurley says:

    What vaccine should an individual receive if they have Addison Autoimmune?

  • Samantha White says:

    I had the AstraZeneca vaccine on a Tuesday and by Sunday I was admitted to A&E. I have rhumatoid arthritis and take daily Hydrochloriquine so have a weakened immune system. I had a CT scan, bloods then lumbar puncture and was diagnosed with viral meningitis. Can this have been triggered from the live virus given in the AstraZeneca? I feel that I should not have been given a live vaccine with my medical history.

    • Joan says:

      i wish you well and fast recovery. i do not feel the drs know all yet…..and doubtful the companies throwing the vaccines out in record time was about big bucks….i do know everyday before covid, drs are paid good money to prescribe medications by the medication manufacturer,,,,,,,.feel better.

  • A Ananda rao says:

    The patients suffering from lichen planus can take the covid vaccines? Please suggest.

  • karen williams says:

    cancer survivor immune system removed completely

    • Joan says:

      please explain……you are a cancer survivor and……?? the vaccine removed your complete immune system…..or the covid vaccine did?

  • Angela Beale says:

    I had covid 19, my comment is will humira metroxiaete prednisone lower my antibodies or kill them off completely?

  • cancer survivor says:

    I had cancer 5 yrs. ago 8 rounds of combination methotrexate and cytarabine.I have 2> immunoglobulin A, 210? G, 116 M. With low immunoglobulins will I produce antibodies?

  • E.C. says:

    I don’t see any replies for any of the questions.

  • E.C. says:

    I would like to know why the tried and true traditional vaccine is not being used? I don’t trust them writing a program and not knowing the long term effects of this attaching itself permanently to your DNA. Truth be told you don’t know either.

  • Patty says:

    Can this effect the way my body fights of other diseases that could come up in the future? And will the vaccine hurt some of the good things in my body that fights off like the common cold?
    There is so many unknown about this vaccine. I do think they should have taken some more time with it . But these are my cansurn with the vaccine right now.
    Places let me know something

    • J. Figg says:

      Your Doubts are telling you that you already have the answer, but, are hesitant to act on it.

  • Karlyne Adey says:

    I have diabetes and chronic kydney disease. I’ll be 80 in December.
    Can I come now or do I need to wait until December. Dr Paul MacLean is my doctor, I live in Middleton.

    Karlyne Adey

  • Tony johnston says:

    Hi paul I haven’t got no spleen does this mean the vaccine isn’t going to well on people like me I’m 54 .I would appreciate some feedback please.

  • Robin Trowbridge says:

    I have Lupus which has left me with a very poor immune system. I have arthritis and back problems as well, which I take constant pain medication for. I read you shouldn’t take pain meds before getting vaccinated. On top of that I have scabie mites. I have super scabies turning into crusted scabies. Not much of a chance they will be gone when I get vaccinated.
    Its my understanding that with a poor immune system the vaccine will not stop me from getting covid. Do you feel the vaccine will not help me?

  • Robin Trowbridge says:

    I have Lupus which has left me with a very poor immune system. I have arthritis and back problems as well, which I take constant pain medication for. I read you should take pain meds before getting vaccinated. On top of that I have scabie mites. Not much of a chance they will be gone when I get vaccinated.
    Its my understanding that with a poor immune system the vaccine will not stop me from getting covid. Do you feel the vaccine will not help me?

  • James Reilly says:

    Got the Vaccine and 4 days later my immune system went haywire. White blood cell count shot up to 31000 extremely high. Platelets went to 768. Extremely high. All blood tests and stool tests came back negative. I have been sick now for 45 days. Finally my white blood cell count is going down. Doctors can’t figure out what went wrong. I think my body reacted very bad to vaccine. Body was trying to fight off infection. Crazy. Also had Cat Scans and x-rays all can back negative.

    • Samantha White says:

      Hi James, I too have had a bad reaction and like you it was 4 days later. Vaccine last Tuesday then early hours Sunday sick as a dog, migraine and vomitting went to A&E twice in that day and was admitted the second time. Put on a drip, took blood, CT scan, had morphine then sent home, still ill. By the Thursday rang doctors again and went in hospital for a lumbar puncture which showed I had developed viral meningitis!! I feel this vaccine has poisoned me and I should never have been given it as it contains a live virus, I have a weekend immune system and take daily medications for my rhumatoid arthritis. Every individual is different in how they will react to these vaccines and have only been tested on healthy individuals, we are being used as lab rats!! Sorry you too have been effected

    • A malley says:

      I did not go to hospital or have bloodwork, but had severe symptoms starting “the same # of days after my vaccine as you) Did u also get a horrific migraine for 5 straight days by any chance? I’m 2 weeks after 1st vaccine and still tempting and feeling off. Did u recieve only one vaccine or both? Dont think it’s safe for me to get the 2nd after experience to the 1st, do frustrating and scary.

  • Mari C Worley says:

    Can our cells get confused after getting the Covid vaccine and start attacking good healthy cells?

  • Jenny Ulmer says:

    I have Hep C, sjogrens, cryoglobulinemia, pancreatitis, kidney issues, COPD, gastroperesis, and currently in the middle of a lichen planus flare that effects my scalp, torso, feet, hands and my mouth. Going in for endoscopy to see how bad it is in my esophagus. Will more than likely need it stretched. Is one vaccine better for me than the other? Should I wait till I’m not in a flare before getting the vaccine? I am terrified that the vaccine will cause a flare of anyone of the auto immune diseases if not more. Please help!! Thank you for taking the time to go over my concerns.


  • John Miller says:

    I am a 58 year old man without a pituitary gland. Will I be able to get the covid vaccine?

  • Laura says:

    My 21 year old daughter just got her 2nd Moderna Covid vaccine on March 4th. She is getting her immunosuppressants infusion today, March 9th. Does that mean the vaccine may not be effective at all? Will the immuno therapy counter act the vaccine? It was hard to get an appt for vax, so she took the soonest one and they cancelled and called her a week later.

  • Sharon Pringle says:

    Very helpful Article! As a child in the 50ties I had a touch of Polio leaving me Paralyzed
    for a short time! Would this affect which Shot I should receive? Thanking you in advance if you can answer my question! Kind regards Sharon.

    • Tony johnston says:

      Hi paul I haven’t got no spleen does this mean the vaccine isn’t going to work on me I would love some feedback please.

  • Rita clay says:

    I have transverse myelitis would it be safe to take the vaci e

  • Kathryn Ham says:

    I will be 75 years old on April 10 and have a weakened immune system and want to book a COVID vaccine so how do I get one

  • MOHAN LAL DAS says:

    I am 69 years old & have inherited bronchial asthma & am susceptible to cough & cold. Further I also have skin problems, i.e, Lichen Planus for more than six/seven years apart from Hypertension & MDD{Psychiatric} Anxiety phobia at times. I am on mediction for all the above illness. As such, please advise me immediately if I may take COVID-19 VACCINES & oblige. Thanking You in Anticipation, MOHAN LAL DAS, 151/2, MAHATMA GANDHI ROAD, POST OFFICE:-HARIDEVPUR, KOLKATA~700082, WEST BENGAL, INDIA.

  • G Norris says:

    Gary, check with your oncologist. Most chemo patients are advised to wait on taking the shot until after the chemo is out of their system. Every chemo patient is unique…please check with your doctor and don’t rely on a comment from this site..

  • Doc. CRAIG OKERLUND says:

    Thanks for info.So my answer
    To a covid shot is take only
    Humira cause there are
    6 vivid shots before the
    African flu ( they hope)
    A nd they have no results
    On any Virus 19 shots. So
    We are Guinnee pigs testing
    The shots on all people SO
    MESS WITH IT. thx

  • Melanie says:

    I have a compromised immune system. Is it worth taking a vaccine or just keep doing what im doing mask washing hands and social distancing. I don’t think J&J would b sufficient enough for me

  • Karen Goulbourn says:

    My brother had no Immune system at all he had the Covid vaccine and later became ill and now has regrettably died and the course at the hospital has put this down to with Covid pneumonia ..Do You as a scientific person Really think they’re very ill man with no immune system should’ve had the vaccine and do you think it’s right that they gave it him??? I’m not against a vaccine as I work in a care home so I’m more for her but obviously when somebody is really really poorly then should they be given it with no immune system…

  • Charlotte Sanders says:

    I had a liver transplant in 2018. I have been taking 5 mg tacrolimus and 5 mg prednisone since then. Doctors said ly liver cirrhosis Ed from Auto Immune Disease . I don’t want to start it again. I am supposed to get my first shot Friday 3/5/2021, but I really don’t want it.

  • Janine says:

    I have pyoderma gangreosome
    I’m off Humira. So I have an autoimmune/ neutrophilic disorder. I had the moderna injection yesterday. I
    Am aware these vaccine are relatively safe. RN I taught vaccination however since my vaccine I’m lethargic headache nausea could this be my immune system over reacting!! Do you recommend a second does. Hey thanks

  • yvonne rautenbach says:

    I am female 64 with no pathology but constant nasal allergies and reflux. WHen i had the Astra Zeneca first dose for Covid 19 I was expecting my usual overreation to vaccines but was taken by storm..i had every side effect i had expected plus a few more so bizarre i can barely describe them. The cough started day 2 and locked down my rib cage causing myoclonic type jerking every 5-6 minutes when i tried to relax or sleep. I went 5 nights without sleeping and even Nitrazepam did not stop the jerking. I have never been a regular drinker of alcohol but i craved sherry and after the 5th day of misery i drank 3 glasses of sherry and slept soundly for 14 hours awaking in a pool of sweat. I had alot of these sweats for days after at night but no more sherry. I feel the alcohol helped me to turn a corner with the side effects and gave me much needed sleep. My histamines were so high that my muscles could not relax including my bowel muscles and my abdomen got quite large. I also experienced hallucinations, paranoia, fear and high anxiety at night. I would like some help before my second vaccination is due to try to alleviate some of these effects. My husband 68 just had a slightly sore arm. I was so ill that i was advised to get a Covid PCR test and still waiting for the results but it is very unlikely to be positive as i havent mixed outside my marriage/home for over a year.

    • A malley says:

      I had extremely similar side affects. Did you recieve Pfizer? I am auto immune compromised, my central nervous system went out of control with inflammation. I dont feel I’d make it through the 2nd and it be safe, but dont know what to do, it’s so frustrating and was scary.

  • Marion Purton says:

    How do you know if antibodies are building up? I am 71 years with Crohn’s and immune suppression low
    thyroid etc

  • Deborah Milewski says:

    You never answered the question if it’s safe for what you call a suppressed immune system I guess I haveGenetic Graves’ disease! I’ve been on medication since my 40s I had a toxic storm at age 42 and they figured out what I had is it safe for me to take this vaccine tomorrow? I am fearfully could put me in another toxic storm?! I’m getting my first shot of the Moderna I hope you answer quickly thank you because it all happened so quickly

    • Lisa B says:

      Deborah I has this happen to me almost 2 years ago at the age of 31 and that’s how they found out with me too, I felt like I was dying and had to be put on beta blockers. I keep being nagged by my work to have the injection but not sure if its safe for me with my medication either

    • Lisa Nethery says:

      I am 51 and also have Graves Disease, diagnosed since 1986 with ongoing, worsening Thyroid Eye Disease associated with Graves. I had my second shot in February. I would like to know how you are doing and share my experience as well.

  • Gilbert Brown says:

    Thanks for the really great info, I have taken the two Pfizer Vaccines the last one about 4 days ago I have Myasthenia Gravis for about 4 years ago and am now on Cellcept only and I think that I am in Remission and was taking 3 Cellcept or 1500 mg however I have cut it down to one a day 500 mg with no systoms and I am going to cut the last 500 mg soon. I am concerned that my Immune system has been compromised. Any advice sure would be appreciated . Thanks, Gilbert Brown

  • Catie says:

    Hello! I am 23 years old, but I’ve had both lymes disease and Mononucleosis (Epstein-barr) in the past, and I believe this has made me immunocompromised since both of these diseases stay dormant. When I get sick, I usually stay sick for whole months. Does this make me eligible for the first phases of the vaccine? I am also a delivery driver, but not sure if this is considered an essential worker or not.

    • Teresa Ulricksen says:

      I was told that ” Lyme is not disease, so therefore it can’t affect my immune system. I wouldn’t get my hopes up high on getting in earlier.

      Also, if you get COVID-19 it could reactivate your EBV and your Lyme disease/co-infections.

  • Mrs Taryn McCarthy says:

    My husband contracted encephalitis 6 years ago ? What kind as was treated for all but thought it could be possible auto immune and had his COVID vaccine yesterday but has been displaying initial symptoms of enceph as in confusion total memory loss for most of the day unable to string words together could the vaccine triggered this response please

  • Martin Zelin says:

    Just prior to vaccination, should, or should not, someone take zinc, etc to boost one’s autoimmune system, or will it interfere with the vaccination? I’m 85, but have a normal autoimmune sysytem.

  • Rebecca says:

    I have high blood pressure cholesterol hyperthyroidism restless legs ibs chrohnes vit d deficiency anxiety OCD depression bipolar overweight but my immune system seems ok can I get the covid shot?

  • Theresa says:

    I have hashismoto hypothyroid and take levothyroxine .will the covid vaccine be ok to take?

  • Angela says:

    its safe to do the vaccine if u platelets are low

    • Deborah Milewski says:

      You never answered the question if it’s safe for what you call a suppressed immune system I guess I haveGenetic Graves’ disease! I’ve been on medication since my 40s I had a toxic storm at age 42 and they figured out what I had is it safe for me to take this vaccine tomorrow? I am fearfully could put me in another toxic storm?! I’m getting my first shot of the Moderna I hope you answer quickly thank you because it all happened so quickly

  • Julie Newsome says:

    I have rheumatoid arthritis auto immune disorder ,I am on biologics I had the oxford vaccine three weeks ago but I’m worried my immune system isn’t responding enough ,how will I know if it’s working ,i had all the side effects of the vaccine but I’m glad I had the vaccine ,second dose april I just hope its working ,the thought of dying in a ventilator frightens me terribly

    • Karen says:

      I have that too and am having the vaccine tomorrow I’m very worried I’m going to suffer bad side effects.

    • Fran Carrigan says:

      Hi Julie, I also have RA and am due the vaccine. A doctor friend of mine said that having a reaction to the vaccine is a good sign. It shows that your immune system is working by trying to fight back.

  • Brian says:

    Have you received the second dose? I’m on Xolair and hesitant to get the vaccine.

  • Deborah Anne Kozusnik says:

    I don’t want the 2nd shot for covid-19 due to underlying health auto immune disease.

    • Julie Newsome says:

      Why on earth wouldnt you want the second dose when you have already had the first dose,doesnt make sense its like putting your coat on to go out in a blizzard but not wearing socks and shoes

      • Sarah says:

        Perhaps the first jab made their symptoms worse? No need to be rude.

      • Deborah Milewski says:

        What autoimmune disease do you have may I ask and how did the shot affect you? Thank you

      • A malley says:

        I too am feeling the same about my 2and dose. Side effects due to 1st were that severe. I couldnt imagine it getting worse. And I have an immense threshold for pain, I was scared and multiple bodily symptoms for over 2 weeks now. Some immunity is better than responding worse than what I experienced. Some people like myself just dont have strong enough immune systems to safely tolerate. Dont get me wrong I’m I’m devistated it turned out the way it did.

  • Tracy says:

    I have betchet syndrome is it save to have the injection. Thank you

    • Kimberly D says:

      Deborah, I am no Dr but have read that if you are in a active flair , to postpone the vaccination , I read it can worsen the flair or in some cases can cause a flair up

  • Linda B says:

    A family member has Non Hodgkins Lymphoma and takes Rituximab treatments every 3 months. Their oncologist says they have to be off the Rituximab for 6 months before getting a Covid 19 vaccine before they can produce antibodies. Ask your Doctor or Oncologist.

  • Linda B says:

    I have celiacs disease and have had the first dose of Moderna. No reaction at all. No body pain or celiac symptoms either

  • Deborah says:

    I have genetic Graves’ disease not from childbirth all of that I had children know I was born with it I didn’t get diagnosed till I was 42 I cannot take sulfa drugs I cannot take Augmentin and I cannot have steroids can I take any of these vaccines safely I do not want to die over a vaccine and my immune system I had a toxic storm at age 41/42 I would not make it through another now at 64!

  • Josephine Chambers says:

    I was very interested in the above article I am auto immune suppressed since 1995 I am now on tacrolimus 0.5 mg daily Which is a very reduced dose I know my Dr;would like to stop only in the past when stopped my disease returned ?I have always been advised live vaccine should be avoided I have had my 1st;vaccine Pfizer with no ill effects ,the concern now is they say they might give a differant type for the 2nd is this ok Thanks

  • ILIDIO Da GRACA says:

    I have covid last March my antibody still very high do I need vaccine

  • Josephine Chambers says:

    I was very interested in the above article I am auto immune suppressed since 1995 I am now on tacrolimus 0.5 mg daily Which is a very reduced dose I know my Dr;would like to stop only in the past when stopped my disease returned ?I have always been advised live vaccine should be avoided I have had my 1st;vaccine Pfizer with no ill effects ,the concern now is they say they might give a differant type for the 2nd is this ok Thanks

  • Tina says:

    How do you build your immune system back up please? I have lichen planus which could be associated with my liver enzyme which is always raised. This is the first time I have had it and also now got hives aswell. Did you manage to get an answer about your query?

  • Gail May says:

    Diseases have always been a part of my life, starting with polio,encephalitis/meningitis,MSSA, Osteomyelitis,and Cancer, and my immune system got me thru everything except it also attacks my bones each time. So, at 75, I have much fear of the covid vaccine. Can you give me your opinion?

    • Becky says:

      May you be well, safe, protected and live with ease. Also having these fears of the vaccine and autoimmune.

  • Violet Stephens says:

    You article was really helpful.
    I’m worried what reaction the vaccine will have on my immune system, as I have sjogren’s and take hydroxychloroquine.

    • Sherry says:

      I do too, plus I have stage 4 cirrhosis from auto immune. I am worried about take the COVID vaccine. My doctors really don’t know either. Did you ever get an answer?

  • Helen Dadswell says:

    Hi Heather and Valerie, I too have had lichen plants for almost 18 months now on my shins, had previous acute anaphalaxys with an amoxicillin (which I had taken many times prior with no adverse reactions) reactions to statins (liver enzymes shoot up off the scale), reaction to a one and only flu jab in 2000 when I nearly died of flu for 10 days after, and a special blood test for sticky blood resulted in borderline lupus! I’m now 70 and my gut is telling me NOT to let anybody approach my very dodgy immune system with a new type of vaccine that cannot 100% assure me that all will be fine. I am going to have to protect myself from covid as best I can, my gut instinct has never let me down before and it just won’t let me even consider the vaccine, any vaccine.

    • Kat Bradbury says:

      Helen, I have an OVER active immune system SLE (lupus), and I too have had horrible reactions to flu vaccines in the past. I could guarantee getting the flu, each time I had the vaccine, and yes be very sick for an extended period of time. I stopped getting flu shots because of this.
      I have had pneumonia over 18 times in my life (some of the episodes were due to the Lupus), which has compromised my lung function. I took the pneumonia vaccine 10 years ago because of this.
      I started showing Lupus signs as early as 20 y.o., and am now 67 y.o. I am still alive only because I refuse to take steroids any longer, and am treating my symptoms with probiotic gut support, an anti-inflammatory diet, and a regular detoxing routine.
      I struggled over deciding to take this vaccine (COVID) because of my history, and the lack of studies of people with autoimmune disease in the clinical trials. I have an underlying condition (autoimmune disorder, with lung scarring), and am Native American. The odds of me surviving COVID are rare, so I have opted for the vaccine.
      I used to be a nurse, and I researched this extensively before making this decision for myself.
      I just received my first shot today, and am still feeling okay. I realize that the second dose in three weeks will likely cause a more severe reaction, and am preparing for that. I realize because of my overactive immune system the reaction will most likely be worse than for someone with a normal, or underactive immune system, but I am prepared to deal with it.
      I think the decision to get the vaccine needs to be well thought out, and personal.
      I will post the results after my second shot to let everyone know the good, the bad and the ugly, so they can decide for themselves.

      • Becky says:

        May you be well, safe, protected and live with ease. Also having these fears of the vaccine and autoimmune. You are very brave and your solid words, wisdom and wish to help brought tears. Thank you!

  • Joyce Elaine Adamczyk says:

    Hello Heather I also have lichan planus along with no large intestine which was removed due to ulcerated colitis 20 years ago. I did that get the moderna first shot January 24th with no real side effects just to sore arm.. my second shot is scheduled for this coming Sunday February 22nd. Late last week I had a flare up of lichen planus in my mouth. I had been treating some in my hair shortly before that. I’m wondering the same thing what effect the second shot will have on my lichen planus. If you have any information please personal message me.

    • carolyn says:

      hi joyce
      how did your second vaccine go? i also have lichen planus, skin and mouth. not sure if i should get vaccinated or not? hope you are well.


  • Angel Torsiello says:

    Hi I don’t know if I’ll be safe with this covid vaccine …I do not take any vaccines and I don’t do much medication… I take on occasion a aspirin or tylenol… I have thyroid hypothyroidism and Epstein Bar Virus and CFS… I also have allergies and I also got a hair dye allegic reaction 6 yrs ago from PPD they said my histamines went crazy I’m scared that might happen again with a substance going into my body and I’ll go into some kind of anaphylaxis… my body also got very sensitized to everything… I’m 59 years old… scared to take this shot…

  • Arlene Lamb says:

    I was told since I didn’t get sick from vaccine I have a low immune system is this true

    • Fran Carrigan says:

      I have been told the opposite! It’s a sign that you’re immune system is putting up a fight. More worrying if you feel nothing!

  • Gary Emerson says:

    I have leukemia, is it possible the vaccine will protect me as i’m being actively treated with chemotherapy ?

  • Janine says:

    Sally I agree with you. I have been searching online about autoimmune diseases and the mNRA vaccines and I landed on this site. I knew I couldn’t be the only person with a compromised immune system questioning whether or not to take the vaccine. I have taken the 1st Moderna shot with just a sore arm on day 2. Yet I am not yet confident about receiving the 2nd shot next week. There are just too many unknowns. Rare reactions to the mNRA vaccines have occurred. I just pray my immune system doesn’t go haywire. I’m finally in remission from WG Hashimoto’s and TED and hope to remain so. Hopefully you will be able to obtain the AZ vaccine.

  • Janine says:

    I’ve been in remission for 20+ years for WG. I too have a similar question and wonder if the mRNA vaccine could trigger an immune reaction to cause WG to become active all over again. I have taken the 1st shot with only a sore arm day 2, but I am very nervous about taking the 2nd. I’m not on any immunosuppressants and was cleared to get the vaccine.

    You should check with your pulmonologist about what he/she suggests you do with regard to your meds and getting a vaccine. Best wishes for your continued remission.

  • Janine says:

    Yes and does it confuse one’s compromised immune system and trigger a reaction causing a flare-up of a disease in remission or otherwise?
    Time will tell.

  • Janine says:

    That is basically what anyone will be told who has autoimmune disease(s). Nothing is 100 percent; the possibility exists and there will have to be studies over time. Nothing is known at this time how it will affect those of us asking these questions. There are a lot of us wondering and concerned if COVID is worse or going through the suffering of diseases all over again and the anguish it entails let alone the multiple surgeries and drugs and symptoms caused by the disease(s). Sometimes the cure is worse than the disease (COVID).

  • Janine says:

    I share your same anxiety. I question whether the mRNA vaccines will confuse an immunocompromised individual’s immune system and trigger a flare/up of any autoimmune disease(s) that individual may have. I have been in remission for WG for 20 years and recently in remission for Hashimoto’s and TED for maybe 2 years. Nothing is 100 percent and I believe the possibility is real.

    • Deborah says:

      I have genetic Graves’ disease and I had a toxic storm 20 years ago and I’m afraid of the same thing I was going to go for my first shot tomorrow morning Moderna and coincidentally it’s going to be all rain and thunderstorms and I hate to drive in that is that an omen somebody just answer thank you please

  • Xanthoula georgiou says:

    Quite an informative article. I, personally, have been suspected of rheumatism but unconfirmed by test and thyroid. Ian in my seventies and with is this information and understood that the only risk could be not full effectiveness of the coved vaccine.
    Thank you for your help.

  • Caroline Cooper says:

    I’ve heard that the mRNA vaccine can kill you within 3-6 months is that true?

  • Jennifer layman says:

    I got covid the week of Christmas. When I returned to work 14 days later I was feeling great. Week after my return I got the first vaccine. There was some debate whether it was too soon but too many different answers. I work in a senior center so I decided to take it. I immediately got sick. It is four weeks later & I am experiencing chest pressure, shortness of breath, body pain, abdominal pain, full body itching and bladder problems??? I’m concerned about my heart or even my liver at this point. something is not right, my chest is my biggest concern

    • Lisa B says:

      you had your injection too quickly after having the virus, same happened to a girl at my work

    • A malley says:

      Same experience. I dont think it’s safe for me to do the 2nd vaccine., 1st was very severe. bladder problems too, strange right. Also had tremors and 5 day horrific migraine.

  • Dr. Rakesh Ostwal says:

    Really thankful for such a updated article. This will make our mind clear and should be shared to public to come those out of Myth.

  • Dr. Rakesh Ostwal says:

    Really thankful for such a updated article.

  • Christine Roth says:

    Do not let anyone pressure into taking it. No one will tell you if you will have any issues with it. They just say you shouldn’t. I have RA and Hashimotos and I have decided to not take the vaccine. My husband it trying to push me to get it. If they could guarantee I would not got into a RA flare up that would be different. I also quit taking the flu shot. The last 2 years had bad reactions to it. They tried to tell me it was normal. They did not believe me until my RA flared up after the injection and I ran a temperature for 5 days. Hard going to work when you are in a different world. Good luck with your decision. I have made mine.

    • Julie Newsome says:

      I have chronic RA and had the vaccine three weeks ago and I’m the same as I ever was ,would rather put my faith in scientists and doctors than stay prisoner for the rest of my life however long that is ,tue thought if not seeing my family and being separated or struggling for air is too much so I personally think I did the right thing I know many others personally who have had it and they are all happy with it it’s not fot me to say if you should ,I would consult with a doctor or consultant again before making final decision 15 million vaccinated is pretty good statistics that they are ok no reports of dying or growing extra bits ,that is enough for me cant wait for shot 2 just hope my compromised immune system fights for me good luck

  • Max M says:

    I take Anbrel to suppress my immune system due to RA related ankylosing spondylitis.
    I am 75 years old. I took the booster Moderna mRNA vaccine last week, as did my wife.
    My reaction was stronger than hers. Flu like pains in joints. I ran a low temp the 3rd day after
    the booster. She did not. I stopped taking Enbrel before the first vaccination in order to let my immune system create the needed anti-bodies. In the past, I stopped taking Enbrel before surgery (at the doctors request) for about 1 month. I had RA induced pains in my back, ribs and neck, which were same as I am having now, after the booster.

    Some one asked how your body gets rid of the remnents of vaccines. Do an internet search on “CDC Covid-19 macrophage”. Here is an excerpt:

    Understanding How COVID-19 Vaccines Work
    Updated Jan. 13, 2021
    The Immune System—The Body’s Defense Against Infection
    To understand how COVID-19 vaccines work, it helps to first look at how our bodies fight illness. When germs, such as the virus that causes COVID-19, invade our bodies, they attack and multiply. This invasion, called an infection, is what causes illness. Our immune system uses several tools to fight infection. Blood contains red cells, which carry oxygen to tissues and organs, and white or immune cells, which fight infection. Different types of white blood cells fight infection in different ways:

    Macrophages are white blood cells that swallow up and digest germs and dead or dying cells. The macrophages leave behind parts of the invading germs called antigens. The body identifies antigens as dangerous and stimulates antibodies to attack them.
    B-lymphocytes are defensive white blood cells. They produce antibodies that attack the pieces of the virus left behind by the macrophages.
    T-lymphocytes are another type of defensive white blood cell. They attack cells in the body that have already been infected.

    The first time a person is infected with the virus that causes COVID-19, it can take several days or weeks for their body to make and use all the germ-fighting tools needed to get over the infection. After the infection, the person’s immune system remembers what it learned about how to protect the body against that disease.

    The body keeps a few T-lymphocytes, called memory cells, that go into action quickly if the body encounters the same virus again. When the familiar antigens are detected, B-lymphocytes produce antibodies to attack them. Experts are still learning how long these memory cells protect a person against the virus that causes COVID-19.

  • Narelle Jane Chamberlain says:

    So having a weak immune system from now Primary Progressive MS and hypothyroidism mostly concern is to do with my very low brain volume due to very long term MS is the Covid vaccine safe for me?

  • Jocelyne says:

    I am 71 I have MS since 2005
    I will have the Oxford vaccine on Monday I am worried should I be ???

  • Sheryl says:

    What was the answer?

  • Lori says:

    I have multiautoimmune disorders to the tune of 10 of them. I am immune suppressed and am very concerned that the vaccine will give me a bad reaction. I had very bad reactions to the flu vaccine and was hospitalized with serious reactions from monoclonal therapy. I’m really concerned and afraid. If you have information to reassure md I’d be grateful.

  • Sandra says:

    I’m not sure if it is safe for me as I have a low immune system

  • Carole says:

    I am a person who is over 80 and have had Many immune disorders for over 20 years. I have had Mono-which reactivates when I get any physical stress . Also CMV. They never really go away. I am allergic to flu vaccines as I get sick. I took Immune Globulin shots for years until the company sold out and it became Generic. It did not work for me when they changed the mfg.

    Can I take the Covid 19 Vaccine? I have read where they have a treatment IV for older compromised patients to take in a clinic or hospital. Would this be safer for me?. I am also allergic or have reactions to many medication and foods.

  • Elaine White says:

    I also have rheumatoid arthritis and really in 2 minds whether to have vaccine or not , I am on immune suppressants , can I ask which vaccine your family member had ?

  • Cheryl Tietje says:

    Someone in our family has rheumatoid arthritis and Addison’s disease. He was vaccinated with one shot so far. No bad reaction.

  • Doug says:

    You failed to answer the first part of the question , I am immuno suppressed due to a transplant , will the vaccine activate my immune system , thus making my new organ reject ?

  • shuggieo says:

    My dad had the vaccine and the next day he ended up in ER for the week with inflamed gallstones. The doctors refused to write in the notes that he took the vaccine before suffering this attack and said it was just coincidence. Yet I had already found online the results from clinical trials saying there was rare cases of inflamed gallstones.

    He is not going to take the 2nd jab and dont blame him since that vaccine he had been injected with needle and fell in hospital. I suggest having a strong conversation with your doctor.

  • Anne Porter says:

    I had first jab of Astrazeneca on Friday ..I have since found out that it may be ineffective in those with compromised immune systems (I have no spleen )surely this should have been publicized as there will be people walking around under the impression that they are protected when they may not be .

  • Anne Porter says:

    I had first jab of Astrazeneca on Friday ..I have since found out that it may be ineffective in those with compromised immune systems (I have no spleen )surely this should have been publicized as there will be people walking around under the impression that they are protected when they may not bev

    • Julie Newsome says:

      They havnt all the data in yet my consultant said some protection is better than none ,I had side effects which I was told meant a good response

  • Michael says:

    To Healthy Debate

    Questions I’d like to know answers if known?? mRNA I’m aware that this is the main portion for which vaccine’s have been developed and I know of the process of how it is Translated by Human Ribosome’s to get T-Cells to Stimulate B-Cells and get Plasma Cels to make Antibodies to cut a long story short!!!

    What I’m not sure of is the following :
    For how long will these Antigens’ Antibodies be effective against the Covid-19 S Spike Protein structure and hence the Viral Pathogen itself?
    How effective will the Immune responce be in translating and in being responsive to the introduced non lethal viral mRNA segment???
    What will the long term effects be to the immune system of having it artifically stimulated??
    How will the introduction of foreign mRNA affect the normal translation by our ribosome’s of RNA already present within human biological systems???
    Is this information known?? If not have there been any studies to determine such??
    Has there been any scientiffic test results?? Or indeed research?
    Will the Immune system be able to develop future detetction of viral entry without the aid of artificial stmulation on it own either against such further Covid/Coronavirus intrusions or mutations of it??
    Will the immune system still be able to detect other viral pathogens without the need for intervention??
    What are the known side effects?? Please list all that are known??
    What if any are known any Possible Genetic Side effects???
    Once injected with this New Genetic created Vaccine will we require to be vaccinated many times??
    And would we require to be vaccinated repeatedly for any New Viral strains and even Viruses??
    Is there any other information that you can provide me with including diagram depictions and medical science on RNA, DNA, and Viral Vectored, Live Attenuated and Protein based treatments??

    That is all questions at present which I would be grateful to have answered Thanks

    Michael T A

  • Janet chilvers says:

    I have no immune system as had my spleen removed as I had pancreas cancer should I still have COVID-19 jab

  • Sarah says:

    I’d like to know more about spiked proteins, what other diseases are they prevalent in ?

  • Heather Clarke says:

    Hi Valerie, you’re like me being reluctant with your autoimmune disorder. I have Lichen Planus as well as 2 others and am wary of the vaccine setting off something else – are you?

  • Martin Riley says:

    I have no immune system and do IV everyday. Which vaccine is best for me.

  • Tim Betts says:

    Yes but you’ve strayed from the original question and not given any answer.
    People like me on immune suppressant drugs (adalimubab, Leflunomide) plus steroids need to know if the vaccine will affect us or will not work for us.

  • Liz Sheridan says:

    Peter, I had a very low platelet count. My Dr sent me to a hemotaligst?? Who prescribed a load of drugs, ran weeks of tests, gave me dire warnings etc. nothing I did could get my platelets near normal. In an article on platelets it briefly mentioned good results from paw paw.
    I googled paw paw and found it came in capsules and tea. I bought both and started straight away. Two days later my test showed a small rise..a week later a much bigger rise..three weeks..158..normal. My resolve after that ‘miracle’ was to vow no more predisalone..imuren..complete immune suppressants…I take a cup of tea maybe 2or 3 times a week…never had another problem. Just thought I’d share my experience with you. X

  • Valerie Hughes says:

    I have Lichen Planus. I have just had another flare up. So I’m very reluctant to having this Covid Vaccine.

  • sally says:

    What happens to the RNA after it has done it’s job?
    Does it remain in your body/cells and for how long?
    How does the body (liver?) break it down and eliminate it ?
    What if the liver reacts to an ‘alien’ material?
    How does the body know when to stop replicating the immune response T cells?

  • Love to cook says:

    Did you say they told you it to take Covid vaccine? I too have Pemphigoid? I took the flu shot this time. No ill effects. I just don’t know what to do. I’m having flared now. Will the vaccine excabrate it. Can someone answer us??

  • Love to cook says:

    No one will say yay or nay. I’m on 200mg of Cellcept and Prednisone. I want to know if this Covid vaccine is going to cause my disease to flare. I’m scared. I’m feeling pressure from family and friends that don’t understand this disease or the severity of what this vaccine may do to my body.

  • Joe Berlin says:

    Joy, did you take the vaccine? If so, did you have an adverse reaction? Thank you for sharing.

  • Phyllis Evans says:

    Will I still be able to take my Imraldi injection three weeks after having covid jab. Will it stop covid jab from working?

  • derek says:

    Can a person have an overload of antiebodies through having the covid vaccination.

  • Greg says:

    I have auto ammuine I got the Covid shot so far so good no side affect so far

  • Buff says:

    I get 7 hours of IVIG every 30 days . Is it safe for me to get thr covid 19 vacine?

  • Alberto G Rodriguez Caba says:

    can you get the second dose of the covid vaccine if you are congested

  • Helena Williams says:

    Can I take the COVID 19 vaccine
    While. Receiving Benalysta infusion?

  • Lovestocook says:

    Sharon let me know how the vaccine affects you. I am on 2000 mgs daily of Cellcept and on a tirated dose of prednisone. Im scared of the vaccine. I want to know will this make my body go into attack mode. I have MMP that came after a tetanus shot and antibiotics. My Dr says that’s just a coincidence. I guess I’ll never know.

  • Margaret Kenny says:

    My son has Evans Syndrome – if his antibodies go into overdrive they will attack his bloods. He has also had Guillain Barre Syndrome- again if his antibodies go into overdrive they will attack his nerves and damage the myelin sheath. He has also had Hodgkin’s lymphoma which was treated with aggressive chemotherapy protocol. My question is – if he has either the Pfizer vaccine or the Oxford vaccine will his antibodies go into overdrive and attack his bloods/nerves?
    Also what is the view on Vitamin D and Covid?

  • Tony johnston says:

    I have no spleen and just had my Pfizer vaccine on the 22nd of January I was wondering if I can take part in trials to see if it’s going to work I’m 54.

  • Sandra Matlock says:

    I have Epstein Barr Virus and Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. My immune system attacks both of these. My EBV has never gone dormant in the four years I have been dealing with it. It has caused me to have multiple health issues. My recent bloodwork showed my antibodies greater than 750, and the two other tests on the EBV were extremely high. I have tried to find someone to tell me if I should take the Covid vaccine. My Nurse Practitioner says yes, but I don’t even know if she has done a lot of research on this. Really needing some answers before taking the vaccine. Really concerned. Help‼️‼️‼️‼️

  • Nancy says:

    Hello I have Type 1 diabetes, hypertension, hypothyroidism, and high cholesterol also I am over weight but since sept I have lost 31lbs and hope it continues. So would you say it would be safe for me to take the covid-19 vaccine?

  • Sherill Gregory says:

    Can the vacci e trigger over activity of the immune system

  • Shirley Savatgy says:

    Thank you for this awesome info! I have Lyme Disease and wasn’t sure if I could get the vaccine! I really appreciate!

  • Avril Phung says:

    Hi, my father had a heart valve replaced and he is 83 years old. Do the COVID-19 Vaccines suitable for him to have it? Also, my Mom had her gallbladder removed three years ago and she is 80 years old. Do these COVID-19 vaccine good for her to have or not? Thank you in advance for your help.

  • Julie crocker says:

    I have low white blood cell , I take steroids and a injection called benepali once a week I know this is a really hard one to answer but I need help from some one .????

  • Kathy Speicher says:

    Thank you so much for your detailed entry. You wrote a month ago. Do you have any more information? With several autoimmune disorders, some of which occur in only 5% of the world’s population, I am very concerned about getting any of the vaccinations. Is there a web site that gives info. about which vaccine(s) has caused reactions? I am 73 and am currently on steroids for my newest autoimmune disorder.

  • Kathy Speicher says:

    I have an over reactive immune system. I have about 8 autoimmune conditions. I’ve been told that a few of them only occur in 5% of the population. I’m concerned that the RNA based covid vaccine might trigger my body into attacking my already compromised system and I’d develop yet another autoimmune condition. Right now I’m on a daily steroid for collagen colitis which is my newest autoimmune disorder. do you have a recommendation as to which vaccine I should get?

  • Sandra Turner says:

    Does taking Hydroxcloroquin for a autoimmune disease keep the Pfizer vaccine from working on me

  • Geraldine Simmons says:

    I am being treated for AIH, will I be able to get this vaccine? I am also senior citizen.

  • Nancy Redmann says:

    I have diabetes, Hypogammaglobuanemia, non ALCHOLIC cirrhosis, moderate aortic stenosis, herat murmur worse, past brain tumor, bone arthritis severe, on chronic steroids for 7 years for severe asthma and bronchiectasis. Also suffering new diagnosis of severe psoriasiform dermatitis. This makes me AFRAID that I will get very ill if I take the COVID vaccine.

  • Noni says:

    The new shingles shot is Not live and will not give u shingles and is 95%effective vs 25% efficacy of the old shot

  • Corina says:

    I also have MS I took the drug mavenclad to suppress my immune system. The hope was that my immune system would grow back normal. Well a year and half later my immune system is still way below normal. I spoke to my doctor about this and he said there is no research on people who are immune compromised getting the vaccine. He said that it can be a possibility that i will go into a relapse. He also said that getting COVID would be way worse then a relapse. So my doctor wants me to get the vaccine.

  • Jane says:

    My husband has has a serious decline in his condition after a flu jab in the past so has been advised by his consultant not to have it again. He is a R.A. sufferer and is on an Anti T. N. F. injection weekly Enbril and weekly Methatrexate. He is stable at the moment but any small change ie a cold or a tummy upset can affect him badly, his R.A. symptoms can return and be with him till his health returns. The post Flu jab affect was much more serious and affected him more seriously than anything he’d ever suffered before. He totally collapsed and lost consciousness, and an on Dr attended him. He has an appointment to have his vaccine soon at a GP centre and to say the least as his next of kin and would be his carer, I’m concerned to say the least.

  • Juliana Tan says:

    Can i take the Pfzer vaccine if I’m allergic to some antibiotics ? I also have rheumatoid arthritis

  • Theresa Chouinard says:

    I have RA for 20 years and take only 1mg of Prednisone for pain. I have Pulmonary Fibrosis for 20 years and not taking any medication for that. I live in a cold climate and get frequent flare ups. My question: should labs get taken before the vaccine? Should my labs be at certain numbers before taking the vaccine?

  • Nancy Moke says:

    I have CIU and asthma controlled quite well by Xolair. Had a Xolair shot 10 days before receiving the vaccine. After the vaccine, experienced a massive CIU outbreak.Usually, prednisone would be my rescue drug but was afraid of impacting the effectiveness of the vaccine. My doctors had no answers. Five days later,took 10 mg prednisone and got some relief. I wish I had dealt with a minor flare before getting the vaccine. Don’t know what to expect with second shot but it can’t be as bad as Covid.

  • Dick says:

    My T-cells are destroying my nerves in my legs. Should I take the vaccine?

  • Julie proud says:

    Thanks that’s helpful take care.

  • Coco says:

    23 seniors in norway died after vaccination – look it up. 2 days ago the China Times (national chinese newspaper printed in English) interviewed 2 MDs on China who are asking Pfizer to Stop the vaccine rollout as safety questions have come up. You decide.

  • Tulip says:

    Yes,I have hashimtoes,RA. Is this an auto immune disease & would it be safe to get vaccine for covid 19 & would it affect my immune system

  • Joyce says:

    Should a healthy 81 year old get the vaccine. Will it cause more problems than good

  • Joy says:

    I have the exact medical history.
    My double lung transplant was done a year ago
    I am due for the Corona vaccine tomorrow
    What should I do? Take the vaccine or not?

  • Craig walzer says:

    My name is. Craig walzer and I take Simpony 50ml a month for arthritis and methotrexate. Will moderns vaccine benefit me? Should I stop taking my arthritis med so my immune will be higher. Desperate for correct advice . Ty

  • Nora Richardson says:

    I have diabetes brought on by steroids I need to take for my kidney disease stage 3. And autoimmune disease. I have no immune system. Im afraid to take the vaccine. I dont want to die or get sick from this. Is there any real hard core studies like people for me? Will I be safe getting the vaccine?

  • Nora Richardson says:

    I have diabetes brought on by steroids I need to take for my kidney disease stage 3. And autoimmune disease. Im afraid to take the vaccine. I dont want to die or get sick from this. Is there any real hard core studies like people for me? Will I be safe getting the vaccine?

  • Potter Jeannie (Iona) says:

    I am a 75 year old woman. I have level 3 kidney failure and Type ll diabetes, insulin dependent. I am also an active adult. I have read where the vaccine injection could affect my kidneys. I cannot afford that to happen. I am signed up to get the shot, but looking deeper into the vaccine I am now concerned that the shot has that particular side effect. I eat well, I exercise, I take care of my life. I do not do things without getting all information. My question is, where can I find the real truth about how this vaccine could truly affect me. Jeannie Potter, 425-830-8311. 2424 N Rose, Mesa Arizona 85213. Call or write ASAP

  • Shirley Davidson says:

    I have lichen schlerosis, 6 years ago for no apparent reason all my lymph glad and nodes in my neck swelled up this lasted for weeks and I’m sure at first the doctors thought I had a cancer, but after three months it settled down. How do you think I would be with the vaccine I am 68

  • Kathleen may says:

    Very informative.when the immune system is very low,they informed myself,that I have to try and build it back up.well hopefully I have done that,but will not know until I see the consultant.

  • Solange Bianchi says:

    I suffer from auto immune retinopathy. I am on a courde of prednisole 50 mg reducing to 2.5 over a period of a month. I am 80 years old and wonder if I should be vaccinated when called or do I need to wait 3 months because of the steroids? Tks for your advice.

  • J.D. Cline says:

    I take metformin for diabetes and currently take prednisone (20mg daily). Is it safe for me to take the COVID vaccine?

  • Cynthia Reed says:

    If I have overacting autoimmune disease (Rheumatic fever as child right into Rheumatoid Arthritis as adult, along with Lupus, and Diabetes) should I take the vax (which raises immunity more)??? I’m guessing there is no way, I’d be moving at all? I can’t even take a Caltrate supplement, or I can’t move. My Calcium level is usually right at 10 or 10.2. If this vax raises up immunity system MORE, isn’t this counter to what I need – harmful?

  • Melody Sharon says:

    ask your DR

  • Elvira morgan says:

    Will my conditions Addison’s disease and autoimmune hepatitis will this be checked out if COVID jab is safe

  • Elvira morgan says:

    I to have Addison’s disease take 30 grams steroids per day also have autoimmune hepatitis which I take medication for. Nervous about taking COVID jab in case I have a reaction do I speak to my GP about my concerns Elvira

  • Diane Page says:

    I have autoimmune disease: hypothyroidism & coeliac disease with resulting dermatitis herpetiformis (which causes painful itchy blisters on my body) for which I take Dapsone, & my system is attacking my organs: liver disease & chronic stage 3 kidney disease & and over 20 nodules on my internal stomach caused by my immune system. I am also asthmatic. I am 68 years of age am so worried about having this vaccine as I don’t know what it will do to me. There does not seem to be much info on the internet & people with autoimmune problems do not appear to have come forward for trials to give any answers (& I can’t blame them). I was due to have my gallbladder removed last April and this was put on hold & now my Consultant informs me that I will need the vaccine before I have a gastroscopy to remove a stone trapped in my bile duct and then the op to remove gallbladder. Really at a loss as to what to do; I am in constant pain so need the op as soon as is possible when they start doing ops again.

  • Peter James says:

    Is the Pfizer vaccine safe if i have low platlette count? I’m 58 years old.

  • Diane Page says:

    I have autoimmune disease: hypothyroidism & coeliac disease with resulting dermatitis herpetiformis (which causes painful itchy blisters on my body) for which I take Dapsone, & my system is attacking my organs: liver disease & chronic stage 3 kidney disease & and over 20 nodules on my internal stomach caused by my immune system. I am also asthmatic. I am 68 years of age am so worried about having this vaccine as I don’t know what it will do to me. There does not seem to be much info on the internet & people with autoimmune problems do not appear to have come forward for trials to give any answers (& I can’t blame them). I was due to have my gallbladder removed last April and this was put on hold & now my Consultant informs me that I will need the vaccine before I have a gastroscopy to remove a stone trapped in my bile duct and then the op to remove gallbladder. Really at a loss as to what to do; I am in constant pain so need the op as soon as is possible when they start doing ops again.

  • Peter James says:

    Is the Pfizer vaccine safe if i have low platlette count? I’m 58 years old.

  • Vicki Williams says:

    I have a low immune system. I have been worried about getting the vaccine. Will I get sick from it?

  • Wendy says:

    I have sojerenes my white cells are high I’m on the way to lupus I take plaquinel I have bad Arthiritis. Can I take the vaccine for Covid-19

  • Robert A. says:

    Formaldehyde (formalin) is the only substance known to actually kill coronaviruses. Researchers confirm that a 10 percent formalin solution kills coronaviruses. The highly successful polio vaccine comprised actual polio virus material killed with formaldehyde. Because formaldehyde, in either liquid or gaseous form, is poisonous to humans, it is banned for use in sanitizers.

  • Chrisey Evans says:

    So is it safe getting which vaccine, If your immune compromised??

  • BB says:

    Also – Any advice for individuals with the MTHFR – methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase Gene disorder?

  • BB says:

    The question is still not directly answered – If you have an Auto Immune desease is it safe to receive the vaccine?

    • AA says:

      It is unknown. This is the first time in history mRNA vaccine has been created so quickly and rushed to such a large number of people. Yes some people on facebook will tell you “it wasnt rushed, the government removed the red tape that slows down vaccine development”, sure BUT we still only have a few months of data on a very small population. What happens if vaccinated people catch covid? Will their system over react leadingnto cytokine storm? Will there be interactions with meds? I am sure pfizer did not include many if any people with lupus or cancer or arthritis in their study. Yes mRNA vax has been studied a long time for instance for rabies vaccine development. There are current trials in phase 1 ongoing for rabies. These groups are doing the due diligence to fully investigate these new vaccines. Research has raised some possible concerns such as blood clot formation and auto immune system over stimulation. We dont know how common these issues are because we do not have adequate data as of yet. The vax is your choice. You can research online and speak to your doctor. Ultimately you can decide for yourself if the risk of possible vaccine side effects outweighs the COVID risk, or vice versa.

  • Eric Maymon says:

    I am not asking if the vaccine will work or that it will not give you covid. What I am asking is if it will cause my wife,s immune system to spike and cause serious damage that has already happened to her twice with an over active thyroid condition and recently with Giant Cell Artiritis. In the latter case her consultant has told her not to touch the Oxford one and insist on the Phizer one. Do you agree with this?

  • Asta Lynch says:

    If immune system in 78yr.old woman is overactive, having autoimmune disorders,(Lichten Sclerosis), Lichten Planus, Hashimoto, Seborrhea dermatitis, and Psoriasis, can she still take COVID-19vaccine, and what type is best for this condition and age.

  • Common Sense says:

    I have some serious questions about the mRNA vaccine.

    What happens if the new translated spike proteins (the spike protein or S protein is like the lock which attaches to the cell membrane and allows the virus to enter the cell) persist inside the cell? will this allow other viruses to more readily enter the cell? how long do these translated proteins “hang out” in the cell before destruction? what if someone catches COVID or another illness shortly after vaccination, would this not potentially worsen the disease? since the spike proteins are already at the gates and opening the access to the cell?

    There has been mRNA vaccine research in animals and also some human studies. I was able to come across several articles, an example is here, this was written in 2018 (so not that long before we become the first mass group of humans injected with mRNA), the article is great and references many future possibilities for this technology. However, as with benefits, all good research articles must present risks, and here is what the authors write just 2 years ago in a very well respected journal Nature:

    “Potential safety concerns that are likely to be evaluated in future preclinical and clinical studies include local and systemic inflammation, the biodistribution and persistence of expressed immunogen, stimulation of auto-reactive antibodies and potential toxic effects of any non-native nucleotides and delivery system components. A possible concern could be that some mRNA-based vaccine platforms54,166 induce potent type I interferon responses, which have been associated not only with inflammation but also potentially with autoimmunity167,168. Thus, identification of individuals at an increased risk of autoimmune reactions before mRNA vaccination may allow reasonable precautions to be taken. Another potential safety issue could derive from the presence of extracellular RNA during mRNA vaccination. Extracellular naked RNA has been shown to increase the permeability of tightly packed endothelial cells and may thus contribute to oedema169. Another study showed that extracellular RNA promoted blood coagulation and pathological thrombus formation170. Safety will therefore need continued evaluation as different mRNA modalities and delivery systems are utilized for the first time in humans and are tested in larger patient populations.”

    How have these issues been rectified prior to mass injecting us with this novel mRNA vaccine?

  • Anne jones says:

    What if you immunosuppressed would 1 vac be enough to give you enough immunity if you are a nurse

  • Della R says:

    I appreciate your article and this is the first time I come here. I have Bullous Pemphigoid and have read and been told I cannot take the flu shot nor the vaccine. I m on 2 meds Prednisone and Doxycycine, please advice with more pros and cons if you can. Thank You.

  • Gary laderoute says:

    I am a kidney transplant patient
    Will I be able to get the vaccine
    And how will I be able to choose???
    The transplant clinic has no directive at this moment
    A little concerning

  • Melanie says:

    Hi, I have Hashimotos Disease, + am extremely worried about getting Covid Vaccine. Everything i`ve read about Auto immune diseases states that you shouldn`t take anything that wiill stimulate your immune system, as it may well make your condition considerably worse. I really don`t feel reassured by what i`m reading at all. Seriously thinking about not having the vaccine. Certainly not until it can be proved to be safe for me.

  • Roberta Uran says:

    I was bed ridden for three days after getting the flu vaccine. My doctor suggested not to get the second shot. Will it be safe for me to get the covid 19 vaccine. I also have RA and a very low white blood count. Please respond Thank you.

  • Cathy Richardson says:

    You did not answer the question. What is the plan–to people who are not front line workers, but have immune system weaknesses–when can we expect a vaccine? What can we do to expedite, or facilitate answers to such questions? Can I have some guidance, please?

  • Anita Clancy says:

    My question is not about the vaccine. There are 8 members in my family. My son has had tone tested3 times I am 80 and immune challenged (diabetes, osteo-arthritis and hypothyroid). I bought an infrared thermometer to test all of us so we can have aChristmas gathering. If someone has a temperature (88C) they will have to be tested. My daughter says that type of testing misses a lot of Covid cases. I have been isolated since the beginning of the pandemic as well as my daughter. She thinks a member may be a-symptomatic. I think if that were the case another member would have contacted Covid already. What is your opinion? Thanks

  • Mark says:

    Hi good evening I have a extremely surpresed emune system due to the medication I am on as I have three different types of arthritis rumatiod ostio arthritis and the worst type phosaratic arthritis witch has unfortunately left me with two full knee replacements one left hip replacement and two wrists have been oprated on to have been told meny Moore joints will need to be done soon to I am on barcitanab biological tablets to help slow the on going attack of the arthritis can I still have the virus injection or not due to my emune system being extremely low looking forward to your kind word back meny thanks youres sincerely Mr m keeble

  • Carolyn Vega says:

    I appreciate your response. I have more hope that the innoculation will still help me with my poor immune system.

  • Eloisa Litjens says:

    If the person suffer kidney disease pass protein via urine stage 3 kidney function 40 would it damage the kidney if vaccinated ? Because seems the vaccination for covid has potassium, sodium and protein? Is this correct or wrong?

  • DrWho says:

    Nobody knows since there is no legitimate trial data. Phase 3 recruited some of its participants in Nov 2020, so less than 1 month of follow-up! Participant age is 18 to 55 years for majority.
    At this point Pfizer has said that the vaccine may lessen symptoms but does not prevent you from catching Covid or spreading it. So basically it is your choice if you want a novel mRNA vaccine (No in theory it does not enter the nucleus and affect DNA but any protein it codes can enter the nucleus and potentially affect DNA or cell structure) with unknow long term effects.

  • Dr. Joseph laviola says:

    I have high rheumatoid factor but seem to symptomatically in remission but now have fibromyalgia. Also my C-reactive protein is up. All other blood test are normal including echo on new heart valve and cholesterol and blood pressure is normal. I am 74 years old and a retired doctor. I feel the astrozenica vaccine would be safer for me and do you agree. Dr. Joseph laviola

  • ronald Olsen says:

    So as I understand you, we do not know if suppressed immune systems affect the efficacy of the vaccine?

  • Faye blair says:

    should I take the vaccine if I have no spline a low immune system I’m very worry if I should take it or not how safe will it be for me

  • Sheila white says:

    Yes I had a liver transplant and I have to take a drug to knock down my Immune system because my immune system attack my liver with this vaccine make my immune system re attacked my liver

  • sybil sage says:

    I’m on a biologic because of psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. Would that put me in the group of those entitled to get the vaccine because of an autoimmune condition?

  • Lyle Johnston says:

    Thank you very much for your information. I have had immunotherapy for cancer and had to stop it because of an autoimmune reaction and I don’t know whether to get a vaccine or not, which one to get or wait for herd immunity.

  • Nabil says:

    I have an autoimmune disorder, and I take immune suppressant drugs. Is it safe to take the covid19 vaccine without
    agitating my immune system and in turn worsen my symptoms . Thanks

    • Bg says:

      Survival rate for covid is 98%. Most have a few sniffles and fatigue like a bad cold or mild flu. I have seen patients who pick it up in hospital from a visitor or who already had it, they come in for a surgery or procedure and recover just fine. If you are not 80+ and in a nursing home, 98% of time you will be just fine in 5 to 10 days.

      On the other hand you could take a vaccine. You could be one of the first few humans to take an mRNA vaccine where we do not know the long term consequences. These vaccines could lead to ADE response (if you get covid after vaccination you could have a huge immune response leading to shock which could kill you), there is no 100% guarantee that the mRNa wont be permanently altered, there is no guarantee that the mrna or a protein it makes will not enter back into the nucleus and negatively affect your dna or cell structure. There is no evidence because this is yet unstudied. The risks to autoimmune response are high because the spike protein markers are common and these are the things the vax apparently targets. When you read the news you may hear phrases like “there is no reason to believe that covid vax causes…” this is not the same as saying “evidence from long term follow up shows that covid vax does not…” see the difference? Anyone taking this vax has the freedom to decide for themselves, but where normal drug and vax studies take 5 to 10 years to finish, by taking the vax you are essentially voluntarily signing up for Phase 3 of this trial. However, since the gov approved this on short notice, big pharma can wipe its hands and watch their phase 3 from the sidelines. If something goes wrong, they will just say “sorry, we didnt know but we did get approved so go blame the FDA”.

      With such a huge survival rate in majority of people, I am not sure that for me an experimental vax is what I want. Cases do not mean anything. We should be told high severities and deaths only.

      Please google the pfizer covid vaccine leafler released last week in the UK to see who should and should not try it.

  • Joan Trifone says:

    Would the vaccine trigger a flare of Wegener’s in a person who is 72 and receives Rituximab infusions every four months to keep the illness in remission?

    • Linda Bryson says:

      Would love to know the answer to your question!! My husband has the same disease & gets Rituximab treatments!???

  • Shan Zhang says:

    how effective and how safe is the Covid vaccine for people with autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis ?

  • Alex says:

    Can you tell us where in the line up for receiving the vaccine are all immune suppressed people?
    Or will still be the age the prevailing reason for prioritizing ?

  • Mike eagan says:

    My wife has non Hodgkin lymphoma but has never needed treatment in 28 years. Can she get the Covid vaccine?

  • Dwayne Steimecke says:

    You did not actually answer the question of why with a suppressed immune system that I cannot actually have the vaccine

  • Bruce McNab says:

    I too am pharmacologically immunosuppressed to reign in my auto-immune kidney disease. I fully support vaccination (with a safe vaccine), and I accept that my immune response to any vaccine may be less than optimal. Re. mRNA-based vaccines, I can accept that they may well produce a strong B and T cell immunity (good), BUT I am nervous about what happens to the mRNA after its done its job (to stimulate Corona antigen production, which in turn stimulates antibody and cellular immunity against that corona antigen)… THEN what does that mRNA or where does it go? Is there anyway it can self-replicate in my cellular mitochondria or like retro-viruses can it use reverse-transcriptase to somehow work its way into my cellular genome? If it continues to produce corona antigens protruding from MY cells (to which being vaccinated I have built an immune response)… Is there not a potential for people to develop a type of vaccine initiated auto-immune disease?
    While current regulatory hurtles for vaccine development are great at ensuring vaccines work, I’m not sure we have enough longterm data on mRNA based vaccines to know for certain such longterm autoimmune syndromes do not arise. Please provide evidence to re-assure me that the vaccine mRNA really does degrade quickly after it has done its job and does not hang around or self replicate to continue producing antigen for ever on the surface of my own cells and potential autoimmune disease ?

    • Robert Harris says:

      No expert here, but they say the mRNA is so fragile it will dissolve. It is because of this fragility that it is stored at extreme cold temps. Good luck scary times. I guess you and your Doctor have to weigh the risks of the Vaccine vs Covid 19 infection.

  • Barbara Kearney says:

    I have inflammatory bowel disease full colon gone i also have bronchiectasis is it safe for me to take the vaccine I take antibiotics everyday my last steriod was in July I hoping I can get it i would appreciate any feedback thks

  • Joanne says:

    I have lyme disease. It could cause me to get worse sick

  • Dayle Jones says:

    I have Addison’s disease and have been told to avoid certain vaccines. Especially shingles why Covid?

    • Paula Corley says:

      You have been told to not get the shingles vaccine because the shingles vaccine is made using a live virus component.
      It’s not safe for you to take any live virus vaccines. There’s a small chance you could actually get shingles from a shingles vaccine.
      But none of the covid vaccines use live virus technology.
      Frankly I don’t know why any vaccine would run the risk of using a live virus anyway. Except live virus vaccines aren’t usually a problem for people with normal immune systems.

    • Sharon Ridgway says:

      Shingles is a live virus covid 19 isn’t. It is a manufactured virus. I hope this helps. I too was wondering about taking the shot. I take cellcept high dose, Benlysta infusion every 4 weeks. Very low white cell count. Ihave decided to take the shot after reading the article. But not sure how much good it will really do for me.

  • Cecilia Scott says:

    I have multiple sclerosis and take the medication called Gilenya. Would it be safe for me to take the covid vaccine?

    • Chris says:

      I am Gilenya as well, and I am also a type one Diabetic. Wish I could find the answer to this question. please let me know if you hear anything.

    • Paula Corley says:

      I have MS as well. I take tecfidera which suppresses my immune system to nearly nothing. So my MS, basically my white blood cells, will stop destroying my nerve coverings. Without a 2x daily dose of doxycycline I would catch every bug going around. Because my white blood cell count is kept so low, by tecfidera, to protect my nerves. So how would my body even make antibodies after any covid vaccine. I’m beginning to think I will need to stop my tecfidera a few months so I can get a covid vaccine and my immune system will not be so suppressed to allow my body to create antibodies to covid after getting the vaccine
      I do not think anyone knows if we will all wind up being guinea pigs

    • Shirley says:

      Trying to see if you took the shot and if so, how did you do?

  • Jyl hall says:

    Excellent information. I feel less apprehensive .
    Jyl hall

    • Sandra Swales says:

      I am in remission for automune heamatolatic anemia I had blood transfusions prednisone and 2 rounds of ritixamub before my amune system stopped attacking my own body I am worried having covid vacine my start it all flaring up again

  • Nicola Hemingway says:

    My immune system over reacts to what it has decided are toxic . It could be wheat, sugar etc , would this vaccine cause more over reactions that lead to inflammation and pain in the body ?

  • Christine Klinger says:

    Thanks for this information but would the vaccine be helpful, and even recommended, for my husband, who is a 67-year-old double lung transplant recipient – who now has healthy lungs but still has his underlying autoimmune disorder – systemic scleroderma. He takes tons of meds to suppress the autoimmune causing rejection. So would the disease reject the vaccine or would his drugs be sufficient to suppress the rejection?

  • Sally Hynes says:

    I feel much better after reading your article, thanks for all the valuable information.
    I’m surprised this isn’t being discussed more openly and
    educating people who are immune compromised…
    hoping I can obtain the AstraZeneca vaccine!!

    • Lyn Wright says:

      I have diabetes hashimoto’s thyroiditis autoimmune hepatitis if the liver cirrhosis of the liver and addisons disease on steroids do you think I should have the covid vaccine very concerned not sure what to do for that best anybody who reads this if you have any medical a knowledge ot going through something similar please let me know thankyou

      • C Her says:

        I also have Addison’s disease
        (immune compromised/steroid dependent)
        I wonder if auto immune people like us will have a bad reaction due to these vaccines being made to cause immune response.
        Our bodies attack healthy cells rather than foreign so will being vaccinated cause our bodies to do more damage to itself?

  • Carolyn says:

    In short, will the vaccine be safe for me? Will one be better for me than another? I have Undifferentiated Connective Tissue disease. Because of an overactive immune system, I am taking hydroxychloroquine which reduces my immune response.

  • Kate says:

    Like Pat,I am immune suppressed. My overactive immune system causes my body to attack cartilage. Will these vaccines cause a flare of my disease?

  • Ken Adams says:

    I would like to volunteer if you are looking for people

  • Pat Hobday says:

    I have Limited Cutaneous Systemic Sclerosis, Complex CTD, Sjogren’s and hypothyroidism and possibly ‘overlap’ Lupus . I have had one triple depo-medrone jab and regularly take hydroxychloroquine.

    My ‘immune’ system is already super-hyper and trying to rush about attacking major organs.

    As I understand it, Covid would exacerbate this, overload a compromised system and probably see me off.

    How would any of these vaccines help me and the many others like me?

    Honestly cannot work out in my head whether the vaccine would cause my already over-active immune system to crash, or perhaps more pertinently, why it wouldn’t?

    • JG says:

      Hi Pat. I have chronic idiopathic Urticaria/ Angeodema. Also underactive thyroid. Also type 2 diabetes which is under control by diet. I had the 3 in 1 vaccine for 3 different flu strains about 2008. This is when i developed a very overactive immune condition. I react to a lot of medications e.g ibuprofen..which i never reacted to before. I carry two epipens, and have prednisolone ready to take should i require in an emergency and i take daily certirizine. My reactions very from being covered in welts and wheels to angeodema of the face etc so i occasionally end up in accident and emergency to stop anyphalatic shock. So i don’t know if the vaccine will make my condition go into overdrive..i probably won’t show symptoms of Covid19 but my body will go into fight or flight. I know someone who caught Covid19 and also displayed urticaria from head to foot for two weeks. Apparently this is a 4th symptom of Covid19. Hope you stay well. Jg.

  • deb fowler says:

    I really appreciated your article. It was written to be understandable and supportive of the public, Thank you


Paul Taylor


Paul Taylor is a health journalist and former Patient Navigation Advisor at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, where he provided advice and answered questions from patients and their families. Paul will continue to write occasional columns for Healthy Debate.

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