The Grand Finale of The Rounds Table

This week we bring you a very special episode, the final episode of The Rounds Table podcast.

This episode is dedicated to honouring the show and its development over the past five seasons.

The show has had an incredibly successful past five years – the podcast has reached an international audience and has been downloaded in 152 countries with over 320,000 downloads to date. During this time, we have developed an evaluations committee, created interview-based special segments, hosted author engagement interviews, and become available across multiple streaming platforms.  This past year we have expanded the show to include multiple international co-hosts spanning Australia to the United Kingdom to North America.

The Rounds Table has been an opportunity for students and professionals in a variety of fields (health care, technology, and more) to come together, share and appraise medical literature.  More than this, it has become a hub of creativity, entertaining on-air personalities, and has brought together and unified a working crew.

During this episode, Kieran Quinn interviews the members of The Rounds Table behind-the-scenes and on-air crew.  Each of them shares their insight, what they learned from their time on the show and pearls to help out future podcast-developers in their endeavours.

This episode features our director Kieran Quinn (@kieranlquinn), producer Emily Hughes (@emmy_hughes), audio editor Emilio Flores Garcia, communications director Grace Zhao, segment director Sheliza Halani (@sheliza_halani), host director Daniel Marinescu (@marinescudc), and director of quality and evaluation Wilson Kwong.

We want to thank all of our co-hosts, present and past on-air and behind-the-scenes personalities, interviewees, faculty mentor and founder of The Rounds Table Amol Verma , Andreas Laupacis, and Healthy Debate for generously hosting our show, and all the listeners for everyone’s magnificent contributions and support of the show. We are very grateful for the rich discussion that the show has brought and the moments we have shared together.

The Rounds Table is extremely meaningful to our crew and audience and we await its resurgence one day in the future.

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