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by Brent Leonard

‘Cure sometimes, treat often, comfort always’: The importance of support networks

Though the immediate prognosis is better than some illnesses, the end result is that this disease will end my life early. I’m 35 years old and there is no sound curative treatment.

by David To

The challenges of health privacy: From the ER to virtual care

Though health privacy is now a larger focus in training, it can be hard to put into practice, causing systemic privacy breaches.

by Seema Marwaha

Barbara (Personal Support Worker)

by Gabrielle Bauer

A tale of two pandemic cities

by Fatema Almousawi

Dreams and ambitions amid a pandemic

by Bernard Ho


by Natalie Munn

COVID-19 and heroism

by Christina Sinding

Last rights: Connecting the space between palliative care and MAiD

For my Mom, palliative care and MAiD unfolded gracefully together. My family’s experience is one among many that might prompt Canada’s palliative care organizations to reconsider their relationship to MAiD

by Monica Kumar

Love in the time of COVID-19

by Alexandra Rendely

Why do some deaths hit harder than others?

by Nikita Singh Marco Tenaglia

There’s no place like home during a pandemic

by Hannah Thomasy

Why do we bake in times of crisis?

by Serina Dai

Quarantined in Wuhan

by Kim Barnhardt


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